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Americans. He has been an inspiration for everyone doing a difficult or challenging job. Well done sir.


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four WMSD students were ready for the first day of school, but I’m not sure one of the schools was. If I was talking about West Junior, that’d be understandable as they just got the keys to the new building on the weekend ahead of Monday classes. However, it was Wonder Jr. High that fell flat. The principal promised a clear backpack for students during 7th grade orientation. I paid for a gym suit when as instructed that night too.

It’s Wednesday, the school is 0-fer on its promises.

Did the dad thing and got a clear bag for my daughter.

Can’t wait on bureaucracy.

[ Editor’s Note: I’m sure the school administration had the best of intentions on it’s goals. Of course, in John Ray’s 1670 book of poems, he laments that “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” While I’m sure all of this was frustrating for you and your daughter, multiplied by however many other families were in the same boat, I’m also sure the Wonder staff was also pulling its hair out.

There have been supply chain issues for months and months now and I’m sure clear backpacks and gym suits, especially ordered in bulk, are not immune to those delays.

I’ve seen similar issues with the school yearbooks, sports uniforms, school supplies and even textbooks and desks at other schools around the state, so it is unfortunate but I’m sure it will all (eventually) get worked out] 2000 years ago Jesus walked on water on the Sea of Galilee, “they behold Jesus walking on the sea” and I also sailed on it a few years ago but unless there is divine intervention I might be walking on the sea bed soon as it’s unlikely humans will be able to solve the climate change problems. Anyone who tries to deny climate change should be struck down by lighting as they are denying reality and delaying the acceptance of the urgent need to solve our climate problems, that are shown by weather events which used to be once in a century becoming so frequent that are now just ‘normal’ events.

Spread the word, especially to politicians, that we need solutions and maybe do pray for Divine intervention as it might be the only option. [Editor’s Note: Got to hand it to you, this is the first time I’ve seen a biblical approach to warning about climate change.

Don’t worry, in the long run the planet will be fine … We’ll all be dead but the planet itself will be fine] Dr. Anthony Fauci is stepping down as the U.S.

President’s chief medical adviser in December after a long and illustrious career culminating in the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic and the medical ‘advice’ from Ex-President Trump. He has been called a disaster by Trump, has been harassed and faced death threats and yet he has continued to do his job protecting the health of

[Editor’s Note: I can’t say Fauci exactly nailed it when it comes to the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, but I wish him well in his retirement. Hopefully, his eventual replacement won’t have to deal with monkeypox or (checks notes) … tomato flu. Wait, “tomato” flu? I don’t want to live on this planet anymore] So glad to see all these student loans being forgiven. I’m having a little trouble making the note on my new truck. Any chance that Uncle Joe can cancel my debt too? Oh wait, I have a job. [Editor’s Note: There’s a lot I could say here, and while I get your frustration, I also realize that the true solution to the student loan financial crisis is somewhere in between “cancel it all” and “they’re your loans, just pay them” and I am OK with the $10,000 in forgiveness and pause on payments through the end of the year while we work on a real solution to the ridiculous cost of a college education in this country]

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