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Man charged in Sunday shooting

Apparent domestic dispute leads to another homicide in West Memphis


Apparent domestic dispute leads to another homicide in West Memphis


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More gun violence in West Memphis over the weekend left another person in the community dead.

Jamarious Rodgers, 21, of West Memphis was taken into custody after a fatal shooting Sunday night. In response to a shots _red call at a residence in the 1800 block of North McAuley, police found a man suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. He was later identi_ed as 35-year-old Samuel Lewis. The victim was taken to the hospital but later died from his injuries.

Of_cers were given a physical description of the suspect who ed the scene on foot and began searching the area to locate him. Detectives from the Criminal Investigative Division made the scene and started their homicide investigation.

While investigating the homicide scene, of_cers were able to locate Rodgers at a nearby motel and detain him for questioning.

After interviewing witnesses, the preliminary _ndings were presented to the prosecutor’s of_ce and Rodgers was formally charged with capital murder. The victim, Lewis, was dating the mother of the accused.

The fatal shooting marks another in a rash of homicides to occur in West Memphis since the beginning of October and one of a dozen shootings to happen this year, according to West Memphis police.

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The news of another deadly incident in the community sent shockwaves through the city. Many took to social media to express their sorrow and anger.

“All the churches in West Memphis and Marion, no matter what denominations or black or white, need to ban together and walk the neighborhoods praying for our towns,” said Betty Holland. To pray for the evil spirits that have taken over and give these towns back to God.”

“This is so sad,” said Christine Kimble. “Prayers for this family. These young kids need more teaching. Our world is getting bad. Prayers for the city of West Memphis.”

“We are turning into ‘Little Memphis’ over here,” said Carla Hicks. “Come on, people. We’ve got to do better.”

Rodgers is in custody at the Crittenden County Jail charged with capital murder.

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