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Is it just, like, always Black Friday now?




Evening Times Editor

Did you know that we are just four days away from what is traditionally the biggest single shopping day in the United States? Yes, I’m talking about Friday. If you didn’t know, then how are you even reading this? Because obviously you live in a cave with no TV, radio, internet or social media…

Don’t get me wrong. I love a good deal. In fact, I even put off things I might be thinking about getting for myself or for around the house for months if I think I might be able to score a bargain on Black Friday. But here’s the thing…

It’s already Black Friday!

What’s that? It’s Monday, you say? Sure, sure, but just take out your phone and get on Facebook or visit any number of retailer web sites. “Black Friday” has already begun just about everywhere that sells stuff. I’ve seen “Black Friday Month” and “Days of Black Friday Deals” ads everywhere for weeks now.

Or, kind of like how some folks have “Harvest Parties” or “Fall . Festivals” instead of celebrating Halloween, stores and shop-


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ping sites are having a “Festival of Savings” or “Holiday Deals” that are Black Friday sales in everything but name.

Yes, day-after-Thanksgiving sales will still be a thing, but in an attempt to get the attention (and dollars) of shoppers, it just keeps getting earlier and earlier. I swear I saw a “Black Friday in July” promotion over the summer. And stores have been using the phrase, “Get Black Friday pricing now!” for years all year long.

That’s fine I guess. We’ve been programmed to think the phrase “Black Friday” means “the absolute best deal you’re going to get on this,” so from a marketing standpoint, I get it. And if you’re one of those folks who checks Amazon or every day to see what must-have items are on sale that day, no judgment here. I’ve been there.

And I’ve been Black Friday shopping. I vividly remember throwing myself on top of a large trampoline box to claim it for Santa one year. Not my proudest moment. I also witnessed a fight break out at Walmart in the early hours of a Black Friday morning in Forrest City one year that involved a guy smacking a woman with a still-in-the-box Guitar Hero video game guitar in the electronics section.

With those memories in mind maybe getting all your shopping done vie the internet isn’t such a bad idea…

And if you miss out on a deal, don’t worry. I’m sure there will be an After-Christmas Black Friday Sale, a New Year’s Black Friday Sale, or a MLK Day Black Friday Sale, or a Valentine’s Day…

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