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What is an MPO anyway?


West Memphis-Marion Metropolitan Planning Organization set for round of meetings

By Ralph Hardin

If you’ve ever heard about an MPO making plans or decisions or having meetings but never actually knew exactly what that meant, here’s the lowdown: An MPO, or Metropolitan Planning Organization, is a non-partisan federal agency that oversees and sets the policy for the transportation needs of a community and its surrounding areas.

Crittenden County is actually a part of the Memphis MPO but on a smaller scale exists the West Memphis-Marion MPO, which is made up of local officials who act in the interest of local transportation needs, such as street repairs, traffic flow improvement, vehicular crash reductions, air quality, the envoronmental impact of traffic and several other factors.

One of the major components of an MPO is allocating how best to spend federal and state funds allocated for transportation needs. Projects as small as pothole repair and as large as the proposed new bridge between Memphis and West Memphis are under the purview of the WMM MPO.

And they would like to hear from you…

With its quarterly meetings set for this week, the local MPO is collecting data from local residents via an online survey you can take on your smart-phone or other internet enabled device. Simply scan the QR code in the image on the right to be taken to the survey site. There you will be given a rundown of what the MPO is and what it does as well as be given a chance to weigh in on a number of related issues. Additionally, if you would like to personally attend the upcoming MPO meetings, the Techinical Committee meets tomorrow at 10 a.m. at West Memphis City Hall, 205 S.

Redding St., with the Policy Committee meeting immediately after at 11 a.m. Meetings are open to the public.

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