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America is stressed



Time in the Word T he world is on fire!

Wars and rumors of war come from every geographic region of the world.

America is being invaded by people who are seeking a better life for themselves or infiltrating our nation to steal, kill and destroy it.

People are stressed, worried and fearful of what is to come and there are understandable reasons for this stress.

Taxes have risen and will continue to rise with no one and no political party looking to stop the foolish and wasteful spending.

Food prices have become such that many families are having a difficult time buying the basics.

New vehicle buyers pay more than $1,000 per month in vehicle payments! This is unstainable!

Buying a home or renting a “nice” place is out of reach for many Americans. Illegal aliens are compounding the problems taking resources and limited budgets from Americans. Hotels, schools, and hospitals have been converted into apartments to house these millions of illegals taking resources away from American citizens.

According to a report in Newsweek (5 April 2024), the headline was “100,000 Immigrants Get Jobs in One Month.” The fact is that an accurate count of illegal aliens is near impossible as it depends on who is doing the counting and who is being counted.

Once upon a time, a college education was the highest form of success – a guarantee of a better life while pursuing the “American Dream.” This dream was one that grandparents and parents worked, saved, and sacrificed for their children and grandchildren to attain.

Unfortunately, the recent college protests defending the Palestinians and opposing Israel (some chanting death to Israel and Jews) have proven that a college education is not worth the paper a diploma is printed on. “From the river to the sea, Palestine must be free” is the chant from the protesters and many of their professors. The problem is when asked what river and what sea, the protesters do not know. They are beyond ignorant and border on simple stupidity.

It is interesting that Andre Dudem, chief executive officer, of Hims & Hers, a health-care company has posted his encouragement of these protests with his comment, “Moral courage > College Degree,” meaning that he believes a college education is worth less than protesting for the Palestinians. Mr. Dudem has the right to say what he wants but I have the right to make sure I never support his company or purchase a product or service from his company. Like the Black Lives Matter protests the anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian protests have proven schools do not teach students how to think, they teach students what to think.

I do agree with Mr. Dudem, an overly priced college education at an Ivy-League or other university or college simply is a waste of time, effort, and money if it is held in lower esteem than protesting.

The Bible describes people like these protesters and political leaders who have no moral testicular fortitude to stand against such misguided protests and rhetoric, we read, “Professing to be wise, they became fools …” (Romans 1:22).

For further proof of the ridiculousness, and stress in our culture, consider the Chicago teachers’ union putting forth a proposal totaling more than fifty billion dollars! Paid abortions, money for illegal aliens, pay raises every year through 2028 totaling more than fifty-thousand dollars putting the average Chicago teacher salary somewhere between $150,000 to $175,000 plus benefits and retirement! But the teaching outcome will not be any better – today the average Chicago public school eight-grader cannot read at grade level!

Politically, we are stressed.

President Joe Biden is too old and feeble to continue in office. If he is elected again, I fear Vice-President Harris taking the Oval Office.

President Trump is not really that much younger than the current President. I fear President Trump’s hubris will take over. Was our economy and safety better when he was President? Yes, but his hubris got him in trouble and will continue to get him in trouble in the future.

Whoever is elected, the American public will suffer.

Our freedoms continue to be eroded, free speech is only free for one side and not the other and my right to own a gun is under constant threat.

My choices for medical care and educational opportunities are markedly reduced with every new government regulation and rule.

Criminals have more rights than victims. The turn-style law enforcement and court system has contributed to our stress!

Our federal government is flying illegal aliens into our country and depositing them in cities without consent of those governing. All of these things are simply ridiculous and destructive!

Living with instability, lawlessness, reduced choices, and freedoms and being invaded by unknown people from around the world, America is feeling stressed.

America is the greatest nation to ever exist in human history. Unfortunately, I do not believe it will live much longer as we know it now.

Clayton P. Adams, West Memphis, Arkansas, email: claytonp

Clayton Adams

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