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New details emerge in Evolve bank robbery high-speed chase

Owner of stolen car’s dog still not found


Owner of stolen car’s dog still not found


On Friday, May 3, at approximately 11:35 p.m., of_cers from the West Memphis Police Department were dispatched to 301 Shoppingway Boulevard in response to a robbery at gunpoint at Evolve Bank. The suspect vehicle, a black sedan with a missing rear bumper, was reported to be traveling east on West Service Road. Locations of the vehicle were relayed by dispatch thanks to a tracker with the stolen money. Assistance from the Arkansas State Police was requested by the West Memphis

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Dashcam footage shows a barrel, one of many, being thrown into the air directly at the trooper’s car by the stolen vehicle.


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Police Department.

Around 11:40 p.m., West Memphis Police Officer Chad Rash reported that he was behind the vehicle on Interstate 55, heading southbound near Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. Officer Rash noted that the vehicle failed to stop for a traffic stop and fled south on Interstate 55. State Trooper Dylan Evans, who was in the area, joined the pursuit. The vehicle was seen traveling at speeds exceeding 100 miles per hour and weaving in and out of traffic and construction barrels, showing no concern for public safety.

Evans took primary position in the pursuit near the 1-mile marker (Bridgeport exit) and observed that the vehicle was a black Infinity with a missing license plate and rear bumper. The Infinity continued to flee southbound in a lane closed for construction on the bridge. Eventually, the Infinity became trapped between concrete barrier walls and a good Samaritan in a bobtailed semi-truck who blocked the stolen car’s path. Evans attempted a Tactical Vehicle Intervention, but the driver, identified as Freddie Najil, abandoned the vehicle and fled on foot.

Najil jumped over a concrete barrier wall and ran north towards the train tracks, holding a large amount of money. Despite verbal commands to stop, Najil ignored them and continued running, dropping money along the way. After crossing a fence on West Virginia Avenue, Najil dropped the money and a silver/black pistol. Despite an attempt to deploy a Taser, Najil picked up some of the money and the pistol and kept running towards Channel Three Drive.

Evans continued to pursue Najil on foot, and with the assistance of Memphis police officer J. Harvey from the Memphis Organized Crime Unit, Najil was apprehended near West Carolina Avenue and Channel Three Drive. Najil was found in possession of a substantial amount of cash and the firearm, a silver and black Taurus G2C 40 caliber pistol. The pistol was loaded with one live 40 caliber round in the chamber. The Memphis Police Department took over the investigation at the arrest scene.

In an unfortunate twist, the car owners’ dog, Yoshi, was also in the stolen vehicle. The distraught owner has offered a $2,000 reward for Yoshi’s safe return, noting that the elderly dog suffers from sight and hearing loss and requires daily medication for hip pain.

It was later confirmed that the stolen Infinity was reported stolen from Memphis, Tenn. The West Memphis Police Department retrieved the money dropped by Najil and turned it over to their CID. The Infinity was towed by Clark Towing for processing by the West Memphis Police Department.

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