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Authorities discover children living in filth, 71 dogs during welfare check

West Memphis Animal Shelter begs community for help


West Memphis Animal Shelter begs community for help


The quiet town of nearby Hughes, Arkansas, was shaken on Tuesday when the disturbing news of children and numerous dogs living in squalid conditions came to light. The discovery was made after a welfare check was requested at a residence in the area, where deputies found three children, ages 2, 8, and 10, living among over 70 unhealthy small-breed dogs.

The three adults responsible for this appalling situation, which included a house full of trash, spider webs and feces, have been identi_ed as Martin Huerta-Miller, 61, Victoria Martinez, 37, and W.L. Crump. They are now facing charges of endangering the welfare of a minor and animal cruelty, according to the Crittenden County Sheriff’s Of_ce.

The West Memphis Animal Shelter played a crucial role in rescuing the dogs from the home, which are now being examined to assess their health and breed. The shelter has launched an urgent plea to the community for help, as they are already overwhelmed with the large number of animals they have taken in.

The shelter is now working tirelessly to rehabilitate and _nd homes for the rescued dogs, many of which require medical treatment. They have urged the public to come forward and help in any way they can by adopting, donating, or volunteering at the shelter.

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The West Memphis Shelter is so overloaded they had to resort to keeping many of the small dogs on the porch.




ABOVE: Shelter Director Kerry Facello, tirelessly administers medical attention to one of the 71 dogs found at the residence in Hughes. RIGHT: Dogs at the shelter under much better conditions.

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Martin Huerta-Miller, 61, was charged with aggravated cruelty to animals and received a $25,000 bond. Victoria Martinez and Crump were both charged with endangering the welfare of a minor. Their bonds were set at $7,575.

The West Memphis Animal shelter, already overloaded and in crisis mode has put out an urgent SOS to the community. Anyone wishing to help, adopt or donate should contact the shelter as soon as possible at (870) 732-7599.

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