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Proud of what?


H ang the flag upside down, our nation is in distress!

Unofficially Pride Month dates back to a raid of a gay bar in 1969 in New York City. Arising from this raid is what is commonly known as the Stonewall riots.

Fast forward to June 1999 when President Bill Clinton declared “the anniversary of Stonewall every June in America as Gay and Lesbian Pride Month”. According to Wikipedia, “In 2011, President Barack Obama expanded the officially recognized Pride Month to include the whole of the LGBT community. In 2017 Donald Trump declined to continue the federal recognition of Pride Month in the United States, though he later recognized it in 2019 in a Tweet later used as a Presidential Proclamation. After taking office in 2021, Joe Biden recognized Pride Month and vowed to push for LGBT rights in the United States, despite previously voting against same-sex marriage and school education of LGBT topics in the Senate.”

The month-long celebration is filled with parades and a constant and unrestrained pushing of the full slate of liberal and progressive goals. At the top of the list of progressive ideology is the LGBT agenda. Any resistance to pride month is met with great condemnation, ridicule, assassination of character, public humiliation efforts, intimidation, name calling and persecution through prosecution.

Given the current state of affairs in our American culture, what exactly do we have to celebrate?

According to the Guttmacher Institute, 1,026,690 abortions were performed in 2023. More than 63 percent of these abortions were chemically induced. Chemical (pills) abortions are quickly replacing mechanical abortions. This is not worth celebrating.

For 2021 (the most recent confirmed report) more than 48,000 Americans died by their own hand.

This is one death every eleven minutes of every day (According to the CDC – if they are believable since they outright lied regarding Covid19 pandemic facts)! The suicide rate has increased more than 33 percent in the past two decades! This is not worth celebrating.

According to APM Research Lab, citing reports from the U.S. Dept. of Education, more than 130 million Americans read at or below the sixth-grade level (Survey results were 2012-2017)!

The three public school districts in Crittenden County, West Memphis, Marion, and Earle are each in the bottom 50 percent of schools in math and reading proficiency level in Arkansas (Public School using Arkansas Department of Education reports). I have little confidence in our U.S.

Dept. of Education. This is not worth celebrating.

Under President Joe Biden, NBC News (NBCNEWS. com 14 April 2024) reports in their headline, “The stock market is up.

But inflation has risen every month since Biden took office.” This is not worth celebrating.

Under President Joe Biden, the wide-open border with Mexico has allowed more than ten million illegal aliens, many of whom come from nations who are not friendly with America and in fact some four hundred aliens who crossed were captured were on the terror watch list! This is not worth celebrating.

Confidence in our social, political, religious, business, and educational pillars have been shaken to the core and are crumbling right before our eyes. Please do not ask me to document this statement as the list would be larger than the paper could publish. However, one can peruse misconduct to get a quick view of our corrupt political leaders. This is not worth celebrating.

For the first time in U.S. history, we have a convicted former President. This is not worth celebrating.

We have a current President who has obvious cognitive impairment running for reelection. Others are using President Biden’s decline for their goals and availing themselves to the power of the U.S. Presidency. This is elder abuse.

This is not worth celebrating.

We have one member of the Legislative Branch telling the Executive Branch to ignore the ruling of the Supreme Court (the third branch of our nation), “The New York congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez said on Sunday there was “an extraordinary amount of precedent” for the Joe Biden White House to ignore a Friday court ruling suspending federal approval of a drug used in medication abortion” (The, April 2023). No wonder the common people have no confidence in our judicial system. This is not worth celebrating.

Summing this up, consider the report published by and conducted by the polling group Gallup (January 2023) offering a general sense of respect our nation gives to various professions. This is not an all-inclusive list.

Nurses are respected by a whopping 79 percent of the public.

Medical Doctors are respected by 62 percent of the public.

High School Teachers are respected by 53 percent of the public.

Police Officers are respected by 50 percent of the public.

Judges are respected by 39 percent of the public.

Lawyers are respected by 21 percent of the public.

Car salespeople are respected by 10 percent of the public.

Members of Congress are respected by 9 percent of the public.

Our leaders are not admired or respected, why? I have my ideas as I am sure you do as well.

We have several one-day holidays, i.e., Thanksgiving Day, Independence Day, Memorial Day, and others but we have a whole month set aside for an extreme ideology that is, in part, responsible for the crumbling of our culture.

As Pride Month begins, we should remember the warning in the Bible that instructs us “Pride goes before a fall” (Proverbs 16:18). This is why I say hang the flag upside down, our nation is in distress as we have allowed pride to carry us to our destruction. What are we really celebrating?

Clayton P. Adams, West Memphis, Arkansas, email: claytonp

Clayton Adams

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