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have no problem with fire-works,


Enough is enough with the fireworks. All night long and my dogs can’t take it anymore. I get that it’s fun to shoot fireworks but can we not limit them to the 4th of July and no later than 9 p.m.? If you saw how some dogs and many of our veterans react to the constant booms and explosions you might not be so inconsiderate! [ Editor’s Note: Just from a legal standpoint, July 10 is the last day you can shoot fireworks until around New Year’s Eve, so I hope your dogs can hold on until then. While we’re at it, I

but yes, there needs to be a little more courtesy in regard to how late is too late. I mean, I’m always up late, and I can confirm that there were fireworks Thursday, Friday and Saturday night well past 10 o’clock, which is definitely too late. Have your fun, but that fun should not come at the expense of the common good. People have skittish dogs and nervous conditions but even folks without those issues often have to get up for work in the morning and are trying to sleep later at night]

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