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DeltaARTS going down the rabbit hole

All-ages Broadway-style musical showcases local talent


All-ages Broadway-style musical showcases local talent


You may know the story of “Alice in Wonderland,” the 1865 novel by Lewis Carroll, but you’ve never seen or heard it like this…

DeltaARTS presented its summer theatre production “Alice in Wonderland: The Musical,” a classic Broadway- style showcase featuring local talent with an all-ages cast and crew June 21-23 at the Academies of West Memphis Performing Arts Center.

The story of Alice and her adventures through the looking glass and down the rabbit hole was produced by DeltaARTS, adapted by Janet Yates and Mark Friedman into a stage play featuring singing, choreographed dancing and all the colorful characters you know from the storybook and the many on-screen adaptations.

Emma Crytstal was the Director and Choreographer, Donia Wade was the Music Director, Holland Payne was the Stage Director, Ruthie Elliott was the Assistant Stage Manager and Lighting Director.

Tyler Wilson was the Sound Manager, Amber Meserve was the Artistic Director, Kelly Densford was the Costume Designer, Ryan Cole was the Set Designer, Jason Meserve was the Construction Manager, and Amanda Daly was the Facility Advisor for the show.

Terra Hardin led the cast as Alice, who encountered “curiouser and curiouser” characters on her trip through Wonderland, including: Donia Wade as the Queen of Hearts, Charis Gheman as The Mad Hatter, Siddalee Weaver as The White Rabbit, Jakob Taylor as The March Hare, Kashief Alan Crane as The Caterpillar, J.B. Bridges and Emma Flemming as Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee, and Alexis Hester, Taylor Jackson and Riza Stanberry as the Cheshire Cats.

An ensemble cast was decked out as the “card army” of the Red Queen and many more colorful characters brought to life by the other actors in the all-ages show, including: The Cards: Julia Wilson as the Knave of Hearts, Ca’Miyia Bush as the Two of Hearts, Chloe Covington as the Five of Hearts, Ralissa McKinney as the Seven of Hearts and Dominique Long as the Nine of Hearts The Flowers:Lillian Densford, Jomiyia Lewis, Bella Marotti, Danielle Nash, Evelyn Sterling, Addison Stewart and Zoey Yates.

Citizens of Wonderland: Ethan Cole, Barnabee Martinez, Heaven Ray and Jaylin Williams.

“Alice in Wonderland: The Musical” was sponsored by Harrison Cole/Caldwell Banker Heritage Homes, Baptist Cancer Center, Empire Chrome, West Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau, ASU Mid-South, Carl B. and Florence E. King Foundation, Fred Leonard Insurance, and the Delta-ARTS Crittenden Youth Theatre.

DeltaARTS is already working on its next production, The Aristocats KIDS, part of the summer theatre experience at DeltaARTS 2024 Summer Theatre Conservatory. The Aristocats KIDS is a youth production for children ages 6-12 years old.

The conservatory runs from July 8-20, (no sessions on July 13th and 14th) from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The cost is $400 for the two-week session, with snacks provided. Mark your calendars for the exciting showcases on July 19 and 20, where the young stars will shine for family and friends.

About DeltaARTS

DeltaARTS is a nonpro_t arts education service that promotes the arts through a variety of community events and programs, working with local partners and schools to encourage children to pursue a path in the arts. Programs include: Crittenden Youth Theatre, Delta Wolf Trap (af_liate of Wolf Trap Early Learning through the Arts), Student Matinee Series, Professional Development for Educators, Arts Focus Schools, DeltaARTS Gallery & Community Art Exhibits, and Summer & After-School Classes. For more information, visit

The White Rabbit takes Alice on an adventure through Wonderland.

Photos courtesy of DeltaARTS

TOP LEFT: The Queen of Hearts challenges young Alice to a game of “flamingo croquet,” with a certain someone’s head on the line. TOP RIGHT: The March Hare leads the way during the Caucus Race. ABOVE LEFT: Tweedledum and Tweedledee have Alice quite flummoxed. ABOVE RIGHT: Always keep an eye out for those sneaky Cheshire Cats. RIGHT: The citizens of Wonderland rally behind the King of Hearts.

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