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Holiday homicide mars family celebration on July 4th

Family mourns loss of father of two


Family mourns loss of father of two


Tragedy struck a West Memphis family as they were celebrating on the Fourth of July as a young father lost his life in a senseless shooting. Marvice Pigram is grieving the loss of his only child, 26-year-old Martavis Thomas, who was shot and killed while celebrating the holiday with neighbors near South 18th Street and Monroe.

Pigram expressed his shock and devastation at the loss of his son, stating that the pain is almost unbearable. He never imagined he would have to bury his only child and wished he could have taken the bullet for him. According to Pigram, he was down the street when he heard gunshots and rushed back to his mother’s house where he found his son lying on the ground. Despite his efforts, he was unable to save his son.

“People say you can’t tell the difference between firecrackers and gun shots.” said Eddie Miller who lives on the same street and heard the shots, “But you can. This was different. I knew something was wrong the moment I heard them.”

Thomas leaves behind twin boys who are only 7 years

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Martavis Thomas, 26, leaves behind twin boys after being gunned down in another senseless act of violence in West Memphis.

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old. Pigram, their grandfather, is now faced with the difficult task of helping his grandsons navigate life without their father, whom they adored.

The West Memphis Police have not provided any details about the shooting, but Pigram believes there were at least two shooters involved. He is pleading with anyone who may have information to come forward and contact the authorities.

As Pigram mourns the loss of his son, he said he is left wondering why anyone would commit such a heinous act. The Fourth of July holiday will forever be tainted by this tragedy, and Pigram is struggling to come to terms with the senseless violence that claimed his son’s life.

Despite the pain and grief, Pigram remains determined to be there for his grandsons and provide them with the love and support they need during this difficult time. The family is calling for justice and for an end to the senseless violence that has become all too common in the West Memphis community.

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