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There are a lot of neat little hidden treasures around Crittenden County. You just have to slow down sometimes to find them. My granddaughter and I were goming home from the store when we found this little treasure in Marion! — Jeff Jones [Editor’s Note: You’re right. I see that butterfly on the wall of the 8th Street Mission’s Amazing Grace Thrift Store at least twice a day on my way home, so I guess I’ve just sort of zoned out on it, but it’s pretty cool. I have a picture of my daughter doing the exact same thing. There really are some cool things you can discover around here if you look around. I found this out, believe it or not, playing “Pokemon Go” with my kids. There are murals and historical markers and landmarks that I probably never would have thought to show them otherwise. Pretty cool! (see photo)] *** I was so excited about seeing the pic I sent in to the papers! I was in Big Johns waiting for an order and picked the paper up and bam! So many people have stopped me and expressed how they liked the pic as well, thank you! This snap shot is poetry in motion as well! Arlene Inman and Effie Speight still believe in the comrade of beautifying our community! Arlene shared seeds for the Morning Glory Vine w/ Effie. (they are neighbors). Both women have growing hands and along w/ nature a vision of loveliness has come to life! Morning Glory is growing in Crittenden County and over our heads from the majesty of our Conquering King! — Carol Little [Editor’s Note: I know I don’t always have room for the pictures you send in, but I’m always glad you do. My daughter has recently developed an interest in photography, and I’m glad people still take pictures. Keep sending them in!]

*** Thank you Crittenden County for all of the back to school bashes and school supply give aways!!! You are a real life saver!!! [Editor’s Note: I think we might have set a record for back-to-school celebrations this year. If you missed out, good luck finding the last yellow pocket folder with the little metal prongs in Eastern Arkansas, because, yes, it has to be yellow, and yes, every other 5th grader within 100 miles needed one too! But on a more serious note, I am very thankful that our community cares enough to make sure those with a need have that need met when the need arises, like now and Thanksgiving and Christmas. Good job, y’all!]

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