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Are You a Mess Maker? Let’s Sing About it!

Are You a Mess Maker? Let’s Sing About it!


It’s so much fun getting to know some of you on a personal basis through the consultations I do. I’ve learned so much about how alike we all are in our SHEness (Sidetracked Home Executive-ness). To learn more about talking with me, please go to then to the Get Organized tab.

I recently talked to a very fun-loving and brilliant SHE named Pat, who emailed an update after our talk. She has been gracious to let me share her thoughts.

She said, “I enjoy creating a mess. That’s part of the trouble I had a long time ago; I couldn’t understand why I should clean up such tiny messes, when it felt so fun to clean up a big mess.

Unfortunately, after a while I just kept putting off the cleaning up until it was too big a mess to clean up!”

When I read that comment, it made me think about the “Ta-Daa” affect we SHEs love. I thought about what Pat said about liking to make a mess because it’s fun to clean up!

I liked it too. I remember when Mr. Cranky (my first husband) would go on the road (he was a traveling salesman) I’d let the house unravel. It was soothing and relaxing to have him gone. He’d be gone four days at a time and that’s enough time to create some very big messes that verged on scary!

“Give it up!”

When my sister and I got organized, we both discovered we had to let go of the need for a “Ta-Daa” moment. There’s no “Ta-Daa” in a little clean-up, so we have to get used to mini “Ta-Daa” moments.

After thinking about our mess-making capabilities, I decided there should be a song written about us SHEs and our love of making a mess. (Maybe it’s our inner child that loves to make a mess.) So I wrote words to Match Maker from Fiddler on the Roof, I thought this is would make a good song for Club Organized members! So I’m making it the official club song and I’m dedicating it to Pat who inspired it.

If you’re inclined to sing along with music, I found a Karaoke track for you to sing along to. This goes out to all the BOs (Born Organized) out there!

( watch?v=RBSxrUOEAVU) Suggestion: If you like to sing and this sounds like a fun thing to do, put your timer on for 15 minutes and dejunk an IPOD (Important Pile Of Decisions) then you can sing the Club Organized words.

Mess Maker Mess maker, Mess maker We love a mess, The bigger the better I must confess Mess maker, Mess maker Yes it is true That we love to make a mess Mess maker, Mess maker, Leave out your clothes Dishes and laundry The long garden hose Mess maker, Mess maker We’re on a roll The burden of all BOs For clean up We want to holler We’d rather Go dancing or sing For me, well Call me a scholar ‘Cause I prefer reading to anything.

Mess maker, Mess maker, I’ll clean it up When I’m good and ready So you just shut up Mess maker, Mess maker Get in the mood I’ll clean it up and so will you…

Sounds like a hit to me!

For more insights about embracing your SHEness and still getting your act together, check out Club Organized online.

For more from Pam Young go to www.cluborganized.

com. You’ll find many musings, videos of Pam in the kitchen preparing delicious meals, videos on how to get organized, lose weight and get your finances in order, all from a reformed slob’s point of view.

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