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Text The Times.

Text The Times.


I am liking the new puzzles very much, but I miss the CRYPTOQUIP. Ant chance you could bring it back??

Pretty please! [Editor’s Note: I’m working on it. We unsubscribed to that service, and while we have a new (more affordable) provider for the crossword and sudoku, the cryptoquip has been a little harder to come by, but I assure you, I’m on it!]

*** People complain about things that are missing or are wrong in the paper, I complain about my paper missing altogether. Yesterday October 7th I kept looking for my Monday paper. I called at 5:20 pm to ask about it and no answer. I guess the doors are locked at 5:00.01 PM.

I WANT MY PAPER ON MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, AND FRIDAY. Not when ever you get ready to deliver it. I live in the subdivision next to your office soe the county schedule is out. No wonder your subscribers are not happy. [ Editor’s Note: You probably don’t believe me, but I am just as frustrated as you are when I hear about someone not receiving their newspaper. We need every reader we can get, I assure you. Now, I will tell you that we did have delays getting Monday’s paper out because of an issue with the printer. I will also add that, while we do not lock the doors at “5:00.01 PM,” the switchboard receptionist does leave at 5 p.m., which I think is a perfectly reasonable thing to do. I mean, when your work day is done, do you stay around for another half hour? Anyway, you’re justifiably upset, so I do apologize for the issue. We do value our subscribers, and I do agree with you, when people want the paper and can’t get it, they should be unhappy]

*** I’m loving all of the school pictures. Love our local schools and the great teachers!!!

[Editor’s Note: There’s no doubt that pictures of kids doing cool things sells papers, so we’re glad to run them.

One of the great things these days is how many cool things the kids are getting to do…

everything from cooking to robotics to art to dressing up for Homecoming spirit days. Speaking of which, I saw on the “Decades Day” pictures that the decade I graduated (the 1990s) is now far enough in the past to be a “flashback” decade… I’m getting to old!!!]


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