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Text The Times.

Text The Times.


I have heard that now that we have legal weed and gambling the next thing we’re going to have shoved in our faces is legalized prostitution!!! Where does it end with the moral decay of our once great nation?

[ Editor’s Note: Didn’t I have a question like this not too long ago? The days are all starting to run together now… anyway, while it’s easy to lump marijuana, gambling, prostitution ( along with alcohol and tobacco, I suppose) all together as “ vices” or morally- questionable issues, they are completely separate acts and practices and I don’t think they are either mutually exclusive or inclusive. Now, I will say this… I certainly am not going to take advantage of the opportunity should sex work be legalized, but I can’t say I’m 100 percent against it. Yes, prostitution has always has a stigma to it, and yes, that environment has been one where exploitation and abuse are known to be a problem, but there are places where legalized sex work has been a successful part of the economy for years, like Las Vegas and Amsterdam ( in my limited knowledge of the subject). While I definitely see where you wouldn’t want prostitutes on every street corner, like many other “ adult orient-ed” businesses, it could be zoned and regulates, like casinos and strip clubs and bars, etc. It’s certainly not going anywhere, legal or not. There’s a reason it’s called “ the world’s oldest profession,” right?] *** I am wondering how all of these people feel making money off this coronavirus and taking advantage of people??? [ Editor’s Note: I have to admit, I don’t know what you’re talking about, assuming you mean something specific and not how “ The Man” is sticking to the working class or something? I feel like things have been OK all things considered… unless you mean toilet paper hoarders, because those people are just the worst…]

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