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See your place is up for sale. Does that mean no more local news?

See your place is up for sale. Does that mean no more local news?


[Editor’s Note: No, no … we’re still here. When Paxton Media Group bought the Evening Times back in January, they maintained a commitment to keeping it local. The building is indeed for sale.

Back when this place was built and everything was being done in house (most notably the printing press), we needed a place as big as the Crittenden Publishing Company building.

Nowadays, with a reduced staff and everything being sent electronically off to be produced once we put it together on our end, this is just too much building.

Paxton signed a six-month lease with the original owners and that lease is up at the end of June, so we’re looking to downsize. The editorial, advertising and circulation staff are still here and we’re all local folks, so we’ll keep on keeping on with the local content. But thanks for asking, since it did not occur to me that folks might see the “for sale” sign and assume the worst. On an unrelated note … if you’re in need of a big building for your business, I know where you can get a deal]

into the “only” furniture store in West Memphis, please only deal with the nice lady there, the other guy is a total jerk [Editor’s Note: It’s weird how every so often, I get a text like this where someone feels the need to “warn” the public about some bad service they received at one place or another. I mean, I’m all for doing business with people who appreciate it and treat me with respect, but I also know that there’s two sides to every story … well, usually three sides: my side, your side and the truth. Anyway, I’ll keep running these if folks keep sending them in, but I feel like your best bet if you ever feel slighted by a business is to tell them directly. Most of the time business owners would appreciate the input, even if it is unpleasant for them, than to have a customer leave their place unsatis_ed after a negative experience and start telling people about it] Is there any word on when the medical marijuana dispensaries are going to open up? I’ve had my medical card for about _ve months and I have not gotten to use it yet. I’m assuming COVID-19 has slowed down the process of getting the dispensaries ready to roll but I am looking for a de_- nite open date and I cannot seem to _nd one anywhere.

[Editor’s Note: Well, you’re in luck. In case you have not heard, “Body and Mind” or “B.A.M.”, the _rst of three medical marijuana dispensaries that are opening up in West Memphis, is open for business as of earlier this week. It’s a little out of the way, on the corner of OK Street and East Broadway, but it is in operation.

I don’t know what, if any, COVID-19 related guidelines they are doing business under, like limited capacity inside or making an appointment or whatever, but you can _nally put your prescription card to use. I will say, this slow launch to the local dispensaries is pretty much just par for the course as far as how slow the state has been to get this edgling medical marijuana industry off the ground] Thanks for bringing back the horoscopes. I enjoy reading them, even if I don’t take them too seriously.

[Editor’s Note: I was actually surprised how many people complained when I took them out. It’s really just a space issue. I thought it would be more important to run “newsy” news rather than lighter stuff like horoscopes.

either way …]

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