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Has it been 10 years already?


They say time flies when you’re having fun, but it also seems to go by quickly when you think back to times of tragedy.

For example, next year will mark the 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Something a little closer to our own version of 9/11 recently reached a milestone as well.

You probably already saw the front-page story, but Wednesday marked 10 years since one of the darkest days in West Memphis and Crittenden County history… when two West Memphis police officers were killed in a senseless shooting by two so-called “sovereign citizens.”

I actually was not in town on that day. I was in Jonesboro, taking one of my kids (I honestly don’t remember which) to the dentist there. We were in the waiting room and they had a TV on one of the Memphis stations. The sound was off, but I remember something on the TV caught my eye and I thought, “That looks familiar.” I don’t recall what it was that looked familiar, but soon enough, I saw the graphic down at the bottom of the screen that identified it as West Memphis.

Much like 9/11, I could only watch as the events unfolded and I couldn’t believe that something like this had happened in my own community.

Ten years later, we’re still recovering from that fateful day in many ways. The city was on edge for a long time after the shootings. Maybe we still are. We do remember.

We do have the Fallen Officers’ Memorial in Worthington Park to pay tribute to them and their fallen brethren.

Let’s pray we never have to add any more names to it.

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