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not so much traffic?

not so much traffic?


I guess with 400 new COVID-19 cases yesterday the plan to reopen Arkansas is going pretty well. I see we can send our children to school for football practice starting June 1st. Good to see this whole pandemic is finally over. [ Editor’s Note: You’ve got me in a weird spot here, because everything you say is just dripping with sarcasm, so I assume you’re being, you know, sarcastic. If not, then apologies ahead of time for not taking you seriously… anyway, the spike in cases tells me that the virus is far more widespread than limited testing has previously shown us. I don’t think things are “ worse” now. It’s just that we’re getting a more accurate gauge on how many people actually have the coronavirus. As for the last part of your text, the schools are in a ridiculously complicated place right now. I don’t know how comfortable I’d be sending my kids to school right now, but it’s silly to think this will be a “ forever” kind of thing]

*** Saw ANOTHER car… it was actually TWO cars… in the wrong lane coming off of I55 in Marion today. I know it’s marked TWO-WAY but people still get confused…

probably because that spot being two-way is just ridiculous. That whole intersection and traffic light and exit need a complete re-do… why not do it now while there is

[ Editor’s Note: A good idea, but there would need to be a lot of planning done to get that kind of project off the ground, so just running in there and “ fixing” it isn’t quite that simple, sadly]

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