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No wait… for the hate

No wait…  for the hate


Today, I drove by a sign at the side of the road that read: “Most people don’t want to hear your opinion. They want to hear THEIR opinion out of YOUR mouth.”

Truer words were never given, especially in the light of those who profess that there are “systemic problems” of sorts with our country — completely unproven and indeed, un-provable speculations, that serve only to pump up those invested in pushing false agendas upon sometimes gullible, but well-intentioned general public.

The phrase, “systematic racism” is an unserious accusation. If it were so, there would not be a daily barrier beat down at our borders to get in by the masses of third-worlders frantically fighting border officials to get into the U.S.

If you really want to see “systematic” problems, just get a passport and go to another country — pretty much any other country in the world — and you will see “systematic” racism aplenty.

Yet, here in America, there are only cultural variables, and these become more pronounced in serious instances.

Take, for instance, the charge that blacks do not earn as much as other groups because of employer discrimination toward them.

When you take into account (according to Pew Research as well as Wikipedia) the “most-common-age-among-us-racial-ethnic- groups” (not the median age) is much younger with blacks (in their 20’s) than whites (in the mid-50’s) and that many more blacks live in the south (90%), where the pay is lower per capita than in other areas of the country, the reason for wage disparity becomes clearer.

And it is not because employers are disparaging them. Again, their incomes are significantly

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By Robert L. Hall ROBERT HALL (cont.)

lower because of a “variable of the black culture” — based on easily discernible cold data, minus any intentional or even subsidiary human factor.

Now, in relation to another charge: That of police brutality toward blacks which is being promoted by some — factual evidence not only does not support it, but actually disproves it.

The crime rate involving the African-American segment of the population is 2.4% higher (two-and-one half times more) than that for whites.

That is not a racist thing — statistics do not know what racism is.

And it is not a “failure” of the police… when what they do is “incidental” to the higher percentage of crime involving the black community — that is, when the occurrence is 2.4% higher in their group, law enforcement therefore typically (and naturally) has a 2.4% higher interaction with members of the ones involved in committing those crimes than with other groups who are not committing them.

Who happen to be black.

Nothing systemic about that.

Nothing suspicious about it either.

“It is what it is,” to quote a colloquial saying out there.

So, let’s take another charge by some in recent days.

The charge that police officers treat blacks in a more brutal way or have deadlier encounters. That they shoot them for no reason or in a disproportionate number.

Yet, the fact is that the shooting of blacks by police is actually lower for their group than for whites when the crime-rate is taken into consideration.

Read further.

Here is the dirty little secret that outlets like The Washington Post or The New York Times keep back from their readers. They cite formulas of shooting against a general population number and not against ACTUAL crimes committed.

This is a completely disingenuous ploy.

For instance, The Washington Post on their own database site shows that 2,471 whites were killed during a certain period, while 1,295 blacks were killed by police during that same period.

Comparing these numbers against a general population count, one would believe that blacks were killed disproportionately.

However, using the 2 1/2 crime-incident statistics of black-committed crimes instead, one should expect a much-higher ratio of shootings involving blacks. But, instead, we are presented with a false narrative. And anything coming from a false narrative is going to be false as well.

According to the old “garbage in-garbage out” maxim.

However, you have those on the left who keep beating the drum on this point, thinking that by repeating lies enough times, people will be convinced — or worse yet, even swayed by their arguments. This is much like those in ancient times who thought that by their “much-speaking” they could curry favor with their gods.

And, in this instance, it does all come down to the same thing — idol worshipping.

of Marxist gods by wish-listers.

When you combine that with a disingenuous Old-World media, who are totally in the tank for the leftist agenda and which are run entirely by six multi-international corporate giants who curry favor and owe their allegiance to the likes of China and other foreign entities seeking monetary gain and access to our markets and stock exchange, who drive this narrative; it represents an extreme disservice of the American public.

Take for example this hand-in-glove relationship by those in the business world at the Forbes site at .

From Jack Brewster, and his recent column at Forbes with the headline: “Article by Conservative Commentators Suggest Protests Are Based On A ‘Lie’ — Here’s Why That’s Misleading.”

Here is a typical misrepresentation of the facts of the case on police shootings by so-called reporters virtuesignaling for public adulation.

Take this quote from the article: “Yet, while the data is right, the majority of protesters are railing against the fact that black people are disproportionately shot and killed by police, which is supported by the Post’s database.”

This, when in fact, there is no causal racism on parade out there today in our society

What you have is a case of many of the cities with higher populations of minorities in this country being run by members of the Democrat Party (usually by minorities) for years & generations, decades.

They are railing against those who are running their cities responsibly.

And this is where the complaints of racism are coming from. From those in that political party who have completely failed the very minorities they claim to care for. And if there are systemic problems, then the ones in charge of those enclaves are primarily the ones who contributed to them the most.

In reality, however, those in power in those enclaves do not accept responsibility for their political failures, and they never will. ROBERT HALL (cont.)

Instead, they cite their false narratives and scream — racism. It’s good for them, because they don’t have to do any grunt work to fix it.

As is often said, “It’s easier to criticize than to make things right.”

And in this election cycle, here we find ourselves once more; the same old song “second verse, the same as the first.”

It’s a simple reality.

For the left is heavily invested in Marxism and the push for a socialistic — and eventually — a completely communistic system of government in charge over every aspect of your life.

And the bottom line is, the left isn’t looking for truth.

They are looking for approbation, for the praise of others.

They are making a big show of being on their knees, repeating lies others have told them, making a mockery of pretending to be repentant.

When, instead, they should be standing on their feet and telling the real story.

But instead, it’s all hate speech all the time, coming from the left.

All smoke and mirrors.

And in the end, all of it is just a bid to bend the good will of the people toward a false guilt and finally, into something no one should be prepared to accept (nor should ever be) the collapse of the best government on the face of this earth, built on law and

Robert L. Hall is a resident of Marion and has a Bachelor’s Degree in music from the University of Memphis and a Master’s Degree from Florida State University. He is the pianist for Avondale Baptist Church and a writer of fiction on Amazon eBooks.

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