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Cargo train derailment in Earle

Cargo train derailment in Earle

No injuries reported, no hazardous materials spilled


No injuries reported, no hazardous materials spilled


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A freight train derailed at Earle in the middle of the night on Friday July 24. The wreckage paralleled Highway 64 east of the high School. Railroad contractors delivered heavy equipment to the scene and cleared the rail cars with hoists on Cat tractors.

Tracks cross the county to trans-modal yards and to the national east-west merge on the Harahan Bridge going into Memphis. Many trains transport hazardous materials. County Emergency Manager Bud Spears assuaged fears about spills with his early morning report.

“It’s 15 to 20 cars with no hazardous materials involved,” said Spears. “It happened around 1 a.m.”

Most all the wreckage was cleared and back on track later Friday.

Rail crews worked together to set this piggy back car upright and work track near Earle Friday morning after a derailment there.

Photos by Earle Fire Chief Jason Peninger

Rail Crews used heavy equipment to reset untracked cargo boxes near Earle Friday morning.

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