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Patriots, Blue Devils shut down some summer sports practices, workouts over COVID-19

Patriots, Blue Devils shut down some summer sports practices, workouts over COVID-19


Student athletes test positive for coronavirus

[email protected] The coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc in sports circles. Major League Baseball, the first major American sports league to return to action during COVID-19, has already seen chaos less than a week after starting the season. The Miami Marlins had several players test positive, necessitating the cancellation of two weeks’ worth of games.

The Phillies and Yankees could be next.

Locally, school sports are no exception. A little over two weeks after high school athletes were allowed back into gyms and onto practice fields, schools are dealing with COVID-19 cases.

The Marion School District has suspended activities, releasing the following: “The Marion School District received notification of a confirmed positive case of COVID-19 concerning one of our studentathletes in the MHS basketball program. Health Department officials will determine the appropriate action for the student-athlete and any student-athlete who has been in close contact with the individual.

For the privacy of all students and staff, Marion School District will not be sharing any personal information publicly.”

To address the issue, the school suspended activities at Patriot Arena on Wednesday, “in order to sanitize and disinfect the facility, preparing for the return of all student-athletes.”

“We remain firmly committed to providing a safe environment and will follow the guidance provided by the Arkansas Department of Health, CDC, and Department of Elementary and Secondary Education,” Kelly Fogleman, Coordinated School Health Coordinator said in the release.

In a separate instance, the school has also suspended football-related practices and workouts after an additional COVID-19 case. All football activities for students in grades 8-12 in Marion are on hold until Monday, Aug. 3 over coronavirus concerns.

The West Memphis School District is also shuttering some of its sports programs after at least one student athlete was reported positive for the coronavirus.

Baseball, softball, golf and volleyball are all on hiatus until Wednesday, Aug. 5 in West Memphis.

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