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and he’s running the playbook step by step!!!

and he’s running the playbook  step by step!!!


I see the Corruptor in Chief has finally made the move we’ve all been expecting since March… delaying the November elections… in the name of PUBLIC SAFETY, which is a little ironic considering his leadership is what has played a YUGE part in that very same threat to public safety. That is how dictators gain their absolute power

[ Editor’s Note: I’m not quite ready to call Trump the next Chairman Mao, but I am 100 percent sure that he wants to delay the election because he is 100 pecent sure he going to lose in November. I t is hard to imagine he thinks he would fare better three or six months down the road… unless he’s counting on Joe Biden dying or something. The dude is pretty old…]

*** This country is screwed!!! We can’t take four more years of this but we can’t take four years of Biden either! [ Editor’s Note: Well, I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news for you then, my friend]

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