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Best Costumes


Halloween is this weekend and while my enthusiasm for the spookiest night of the year has definitely fallen off over the years, I still like that it’s something fun for the kids (and kids of all ages really) to do.

Now that my own kids are grown, or at least too grown for trick-or-treating, it’s not as much of a deal at our house… especially since we live at the very end of a deadend street, so we will probably once again get no costumed kids at the door this year. But I do remember all those Halloweens of the past, dressing up myself and then later dressing up the kiddos.

My Mom and Dad were always good about letting us pick our own costumes, and there were years when we just chose one of those vinyl and plastic jobs off the rack, like when I was a Stormtooper and my sister was Princess Leia. But the best outfits were the ones where we got creative. My all-time favorite was when I wanted to be a mummy, and my mother wrapped me from head to toe in ace bandages and athletic trainer’s tape. She made me some sort of make-up involving oatmeal, too, and I was a terrifying little sarcophagus escapee. It was so good, we repurposed it for my oldest son when he was around the same age.

In my later years, I got the idea to put on some old flanned pajamas and a wig and staple candy bars all over my body, and as I took the kids around the neighborhood, I would chase the other kids around and let them pluck candy from “The Candy Man” — which would probably draw complaints here in today’s world.

So Halloween will be different this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create some fun memories of your own!

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