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So, now no school on Wednesday? School getting out at 2:00? What is going on? What aren’t we being told?


[ Editor’s Note: Didn’t I just get this text the other day? Or at least one very much like it? I’m assuming by your last question that you think there’s some sort of conspiracy underway in the school to… well, what, exactly? I think the schools are being quite transparent in letting the community know what’s going on with this crazy school year.

Why? What have you heard? Because I’m pretty sure the changes being made are to help lighten the load on the many overworked teachers who have virtual and in- class students to teach and the double- duty has been hard, especially at the elementary level, but I do love a good conspiracy theory…]

*** When will it ever end? Not the COVID pandemic but President Trumps mishandling of the truth about it.

His latest statement inferring that doctors and hospitals will misrepresent the state of case numbers and deaths to get more funding is just plain insulting and wrong. There are a number of real medical experts, the ones with degrees such as Dr Fauci, that should be listened too. If it is a matter of getting medical information from Doctors or Politicians, I will always choose the Doctors as I want to live! [ Editor’s Note: I don’t know when the pandemic will end, but I have a pretty good feeling that his “ mishandling” of it will end on January 20, 2021. Speaking of the COVID- 19 pandemic, I’ve included below the latest numbers for the state of Arkansas, which you’ll note show the total number of coronavirus cases in the state is now in the six- figure range. Now more than 3 percent of the population of Arkansas has tested positive, with the ever- climbing death toll approaching 2,000. Those are terrible numbers no matter how you try to spin them]

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