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Why would they count votes that arrived after election day?


wonder why the media is calling the election on November 7. Biden has not won. States have not certi_ed the ballots, the popular votes are not in, fraud cases having been settled and some states are still counting votes. Wow! What nonsense! [Editor’s Note: I am curious as to whether you would have sent this text in if the numbers were the same but it was Trump who was ahead. I’m am guessing not. As to your questions, the media only declares a projected winner, not a con_rmed winner, in each state as enough votes are counted so that it is statistically improbable that the results will change once all of the remaining ballots are counted. For example, Nevada, with 95 percent of the votes counted, showed Biden with a 36,000-vote lead, with about 40,000 votes remaining to be counted. Now, yes, it is possible that 37,000 of those 40,000 remaining could have all voted for Trump, but it is incredibly unlikely, so it was within the statistical margins to go ahead and count Nevada for Biden. That is the same deal in all of the other battleground states that were too close to call on election night, but now have been called one way or the other. As I am writing this, only Georgia (Biden leads), North Carolina and Alaska (Trump leads both) are not within that margin of probability, so they are not being “called” yet, but at this point, those states’ results are completely irrelevant in calling a winner because Biden has 290 electoral votes to Trump’s 214, so while you are certainly correct in that the results have not been certi_ed, that was also the case in 2016 (and virtually every other election in the past 100 years except for in 2000) and no one was waiting for certi_cation (which can be up to three weeks after the election in many cases) to declare a winner. As for your concerns about the “popular vote,” Biden’s lead there will only increase as all of the votes in deep blue states are counted and the popular vote is irrelevant to deciding the winner anyway. “Fraud cases” you mention are also being thrown out and/or abandoned already because there is no proof whatsoever that any voter fraud is taking place, no matter what you might be seeing on social media, which is quickly being disproven even though it continues to spread] Wondering who is responsible for clean up of trash on I-55 west bound after old bridge? I came thru there yesterday and trash everywhere on the sides of the interstate! Hopefully, all the trash isn’t missing Ballots. [Editor’s Note: I’m going to assume you’re joking about the ballots thing, but it’s funny now this election has seen the most votes ever cast in a presidential election… EVER… yet people are still concerned that there are “missing ballots” out there somewhere. Not just missing, but enough to actually change the outcome of the election. As for your question, that particular area is the domain of the Arkansas Highway Commission under the purview of the Arkansas Department of Transportation. While you might not like this answer, picking up trash along the highway is way down low on the state’s list of priorities. Most litter is ultimately biodegradable and/ or is chopped to bits when the mowers come through along the interstate corridors periodically]

[Editor’s Note: Why wouldn’t they? I mean, the Trump administration already openly admitted to trying to stop people from mailing votes in, so you knew there were going to be issues, but even outside of that, I think about our military personnel out there serving who cast their ballots while overseas. Surely, as long as the ballots were postmarked before the election, those votes deserve to be counted, right? Either every vote matters or none of them matter. Mail-in voting is not a new concept. No one was complaining about this before 2020, so why now?]

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