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and cripple our nation …



thought we had a leash law in this city. Every day I see dogs running up and down the streets of Marion it’s only a matter of time before some small child is seriously injured. I know some of these dogs are capable of killing a young person or a senior citizen who can’t defend themselves. Where is animal control? [Editor’s Note: As someone who owns … correction: As someone who’s wife and daughter own a scrappy little dog who was notorious for being an escape artist in his younger (and un_xed) days, sometimes dogs just get loose. You can put up a fence and even put rocks or whatever down but they seem to _nd a way to get loose somehow sometimes. You’re right, though. If you have Facebook, for example, you can look on the Marion residents Facebook page and several times a week, you’ll see someone post a photo of a wayward pooch out and about. It’s usually accompanied with “Is anyone missing a four-legged friend? If so, he’s wandering around the (insert subdivision) neighborhood,” rather than something about the dog being a menace to society and such, but it does happen. Our dog was always more of an “all bark, no bite” kind of dog when he would get loose, but we did get a nice letter from the Marion Animal Control Department letting us know that he had been reported by someone and that he would end up in doggie jail if we did not keep him properly secured. Now, unfortunately, I am also pretty sure there are a few folks who just let their dogs out the door and roam free because some people are terrible and don’t care about anyone but themselves or they are just ignorant to the concept of common courtesy. As for “where is animal control?” I assure you they are out there. If you see a stray or a potentially vicious animal, I recommend giving them a call] At least Arkansas got the vote right. I can’t believe the results of this election. No, I don’t think it was a crooked election. I just think that the Democrats don’t really have a plan they just wanted Trump out. Now you just watch when taxes go up and gas prices go through the roof and Biden doesn’t know any better about what to do with the coronavirus except shut our economy down

[Editor’s Note: Say what you will about Arkansas, there was no need for a recount here. In fact, I was at the Civic Center covering the election returns that night. Polls closed at 7:30 p.m., and I’m pretty sure Arkansas was called for Trump by 7:45, so he and the GOP de_nitely had this state’s support (even though Biden carried Crittenden County by more than a thousand votes, so locally, we went with the winner. As to the rest of your text, I think you might be overly concerned about some of those things, but I’m with you on how Biden might handle the coronavirus, but mostly because I don’t know if there is a “right” answer, and if there is, it might already be too late in the game to have it. All I think we can really do is wait on a vaccine and hope it works (and that people will take it)]

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