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‘Release the Kraken!’


The call of Sidney Powell — lawyer on Trump's legal team — to “Release the Kraken!” on the 'Psy-Ops' joint operation conducted this election by operatives in the Democrat Party, Big Tech lackeys, their dogs in the Elite Old World Media and subversives working under cover with election machine manipulation, is under way.

Exactly as prescribed by myself in a previous article just weeks ago, titled, 'The Revolution Will Not be Googled,' That is, whereas we all knew what was coming in a more nebulous way, has now revealed itself in vile infamy.

For, the clouds have cleared and we see in perfect reflection what the plan was all along to get out the “Steal the Vote” campaign.

Outrages including: An election going heavily for President Trump, then, on election eve… #1- A pernicious and voter-fraud liability opened wide, with mail-in ballots-never before allowed in such vast numbersimperiling the integrity of the vote.

#2- Officials other than the state legislatures changing election law by altering the conditions for elections-never allowed by either the individual state laws nor by the U.S. Constitution — which strictly puts that authority in the legislatures power — that and only that.

#3- Simultaneously, elections stopped dead in the contested states… but only in states where Democrat urban cities controlled by political bosses for decades… dumping hundreds of thousands of votes for Biden and none for Trump, when monitors were sent home or when Republican official watchers were shut out, backed away from processing areas, rooms, tables, vans and trucks pulling into parking lots around these major voting centers and were

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By Robert L. Hall ROBERT HALL (cont.)

unloaded in the dark of night and dumped into back rooms for processing. (Where they were inserted with the 'legal' vote count.) #4- Or else, there were no ballots sent in whatsoever, and agents simply manipulated

inclusion or exclusioninflating Biden's numbers, tossing Trumps voter tabulations and creating straight vertical lines on a timeline, which even the totally blind or severely impaired could have detected; all blasting away the voting machine integrity- especially when these figures were exposed to the internet for transmission… at which time even an eight year-old using a flip phone could have hacked into it and turned those elections results decisively.

#5- Witnesses at the polls who saw their votes changed, mismanaged, throw away, while Democrat voters were catered to, allowed to enter information after they were filled in improperly…and were on site saw poll workers completing the ballots for them without being on the scene to confirm identity or signatures were done beforehandwhich is illegal-and allowed only the Democrat voters to re-cast their ballots.

#6- Ballots sent in, of course without identification. But also without signatures. Those non-confirmed signatures passed over by humans or signatures done by machines with zero-settings for sensitivity for confirming them.

#7- So many dead people voting for Joe Biden that the Pope is considering sainthood for him for performing a miracle.

To add injury to insult, the Leftist Old World Media and their elitist multi-billionaire taskmasters are touting their minions to push Americans to just accept the results of the elections: Regardless of whether it is legal or illegal?

However, they need to know one thing.

You can't pick up a poisonous snake without risking getting bit.

The American public is not stupid, nor are the 72 million so far cited who cast votes for President Trump.

No one is THAT gullible.

We concede nothing.

In spite of all the leftist manipulation, lies and allegations out there.

Even if you push it…push it

an investigation into all this mess.

For what we saw was an urban core manipulation by Lefty followers and their political bosses in the Democrat Party.

Or as Phil Kline, Former Kansas Attorney General and Director of the

Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society

(whose mission is to preserve civil liberties) described, among other violations: “What you started to see, which is unprecedented in U.S. history, is windows being boarded up, Republican poll workers being kept out, ballot receipt rooms being managed without any bi-partisan presence, cameras being shut down, tens of thousands of ballots being counted without any oversight.”

Which inspired me to write to my Senator and Congressman the following:

Please do all you can to see that a …computer manipulation program was not turned against the American voter in the last election… It fits all the profiles/timeframes/and opportunity windows to have been used as a weapon against our interests.

Our national integrity rests on this one issue: the vote.

Without it, we are no longer a nation.

By the way, for the next 4 years, by a 2-1 margin (Republican voters in Arkansas) wish that not one single Democrat issue be approved by the Senate… not one amendment… not one page… not one paragraph, sentence, phrase, word, or letter.

And that there be an exhaustive series of investigations into the Biden-China ties, with Hunter and the rest of the crime boss Biden family.

Thanks for all your efforts and congratulations on your re-election.

Robert Hall Marion, Arkansas

Gee, I hope that was conciliatory enough!

Robert L. Hall is a resident of Marion and has a Bachelor’s Degree in music from the University of Memphis and a Master’s Degree from Florida State University. He is the pianist for Avondale Baptist Church and a writer of fiction on Amazon eBooks.

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