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*** Why are all of the street lights in Marion still non functional? I swear at least 1 out of 3 lights are out…


Trump tweeted about Fox News that 'They forgot the Golden Goose'. Maybe they realized who is the goose and he's no longer golden. [ Editor’s Note: I will confess that I do not watch Fox News. I did tune in periodically during the election to see how they were interpreting the results as they trickled in, but that’s about it. The funny thing here is that Trump seems to have forgotten that much like the rest of the world, Fox News was doing just fine before he had political aspirations and they’ll be doing just fine once he’s been dragged out of the Oval Office like a kid who just wants five more minutes on the see- saw at the playground. I won’t pretend like Trump is simply going away on January 21st, though. In fact, all indications are that he will go from being the Golden Goose on Fox News to launching his own brand of “ news” called Trump TV or some such. The good thing about that is doing so will likely mean the end of other ( legitimate) news networks no longer feeling obligated to put him on their programming slate, so those who still want hear from Trumpworld can tune in and those of us who don’t can simply ignore it]

Isn’t there a budget for replacing light bulbs? Are they that expensive? You would think with all my tax dollars some of that could go toward some bulbs.

[ Editor’s Note: Ah, the old “ my tax dollars” bit… I haven’t seen that one in a while. I don’t do just a ton of driving around Marion at night, but I do see there are several lights out around the city ( I don’t know that I’d go as high as a third, though). I did a little digging and those bulbs run about $ 24 each. I’ll bet you could get a deal if you bought them in bulk.

Assuming you’d have to pay a crew of two or three guys to replace each bulb ( which sounds like the set-up to a joke), you’re probably looking at about $ 100 a bulb. If there are, say 50 bulbs in need of replacement, that’s a $ 5,000 project, which seems pretty feasible]

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