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for one is wrong for all. They sure don’t want to swallow their own medicine.


Madonna said she thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House. Kathy Griffin held up a bloody severed head of President Trump. Robert De Niro said F— Trump at the Tony Awards. Johnny Depp asked when was the last time an actor assassinated a president? Pelosi tore up the state of the union address. Rep.

Cori Bush called Trump a white supremacist. Where's the outrage over their divisive hate speech that incited violence with people being refused service, run out of restaurants, intimidated and bullied? Were any of them held accountable, expelled or censored by Big Tech?

More than 50 House Democrats did not attend Trump's inauguration.

Democrats objected to certifying Republican elections in 2000, 2004, 2016, but it's horrible now that the Republicans objected. The Democratic Party never accepted Trump as a legitimate president, with talk of impeaching him soon after being sworn in. For six months the violent mob, rioters, protesters, anarchists, Antifa and BLM destroyed, burned, looted cities resulting in injuries and deaths.

Kamala Harris called for donations to support a fund to get people that got arrested out of jail. Where's their outrage at all of that? All you heard was 'defund the police.' America is reaping what these pathetic elites have sown. Look how many leaders broke their own COVID rules getting hair done and eating in restaurants while punishing citizens for it. What is wrong

[ Editor’s Note: We’re never going to get back to a world where we can have differing opinions and that’s OK are we?]

*** Why hasn’t there been more about the Donaldson rape case in the paper? There’s a LOT more to this than is being reported! Good Ole

[ Editor’s Note: There is a lot more to this than is being reported, but it is all being kept very tightly under wraps as the case and investigation continue. When there is more to report, we’ll report it. And I’ve said it before, but if there really is a Good Ole Boy network out there, I’m willing to join…

but they have yet to ask]

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