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France Fears New Regime


It is truly surprising when you have Francethe liberal country somewhere left of Ooola- la; the home of 'Gay Paree,' decades of cabarets, dance-halls and the very epitome of the Bohemian lifestyle-declaring that the new regime of El Presidente Potato Head is endangering the world by his ethnicization of society and polarizing partisan politics.

Even more telling is that you hear of it from The New York Times- the very voice of socialistic thought — that France regards us as the source of, quote: “Out-ofcontrol woke leftism of American campuses and its attendant cancel culture.”

Yet, this is exactly what we read in the Feb. 10, 2021 article: ' Will American Ideas Tear France Apart? Some of Its Leaders Think So,'

by Norimitsu Onishi, in the Times.

So, who is it that does not know that we have a senile old fool sitting in the oval office, surrounded by high fences topped with razor wire, guarded by an armed elite military force, after socialists political operatives conducted a South Americanstyle junta, turning our own electoral process against us?

Issuing executive orders faster than he orders pancakes.

Shame, he doesn't know the difference.

Which is why we have now become the laughingstock of the world.

Even France is poking fun at us.


The Times article continues with: “France has long laid claim to a national identity, based on a common culture, fundamental rights and core values like equality and liberty, rejecting diversity and multiculturalism. The French often see the United States as a fractious society at war with itself.

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By Robert L. Hall

“But far from being American, many of the leading thinkers behind theories on gender, race, post-colonialism and queer theory came from France — as well as the rest of Europe, South America, Africa and India.”

In fact, so discredited is the 'woke' mentality, that, “Mr.

Macron's education minister, Jean-Michel Blanquer, accused universities, under American influence, of being complicit with terrorists by providing the intellectual justification behind

”A group of 100 prominent scholars wrote an open letter supporting the minister and decrying theories “transferred from North American campuses” in

This may be even more aggregious to European thought, in that the whole Biden administration's rise to prominence is looked upon as phony, and only seen as a political powerplay — insincere, with no true interest in helping their citizens-either in a socialist, or even tolerant manner.

in the United Kingdom,

The Guardian,

by author, Brianna Holt: “The fake indicator of progress — of acknowledging privilege publicly while working against it privately

has tricked many white liberals into thinking they are actively bettering conditions for people of color.

Social media holds an immense influence in this way of thinking. It's simple to tweet that you're “doing the work”, add #BLM to your bio, attend a protest and donate to a bail fund — not without posting photos and screengrabs, of course — but once it comes down to the real, hard work, the momentum stops. Oftentimes, our social media presence reflects how we want to be perceived, rather than our authentic selves, or our real day-to-day experience.

Being woke is on trend at the moment, and everyone is tapping in, virtually at least.”

In simple terms, leftism and socialism is just the

cause célèbre-

of virtue signaling to others that one is ahead of the curve, so to speak, from the norm. More enlightened, better, standing on the moral high ground…when in fact, they are desperately denying not only the real problems of today, but their role in them.

There's a word for it:


From the Greek for 'pretender.' And so we get wild-eyed and hair-brained proposals like unfettered illegal immigration, $15-dollar-anfears, Continued on Page 14

-hour wages, free abortion, free education, putting everyone on the public dole, or crazy Green New Deal proposals that will destroy our energy independence and render us vulnerable to our enemies, the nullification of treaties with our allies, and cozying up to our mortal foes, like China and Iran. Ideas that never were practical or wise, or in the interest of this country — never were, nor ever will be!

Because even the socialist democrats don't believe them.

They have become the party of “Do As I Say, and Not As I Do.”

Don't think so?

Look at the record of the past year-2020-and the number of times they were caught unmasked at their parties and lavish vacations, when liberal Governors and party officials drove the rest of us away from our jobs and into our homes to cower, after the intensive fearmongering from a pandemic that they proved either incompetent to handle or completely unconcerned about in their own personal lives.

The contrast is brilliant.

So that France sees us as a threat.

And England sees us as phonies and frauds.

French President Emmanuel Macron defines the threat we now pose to the world as 'Certain social science theories entirely imported from the United States.'

As I sit in my chair today and see a

unconstitutional and illegal impeachment trial against a now-private-citizen former President Trump — by unprincipled politicians who value their own personal power over the public wellbeing.

Especially when the weather report draws more viewers than it

nations get it.

Robert L. Hall is a resident of Marion and has a Bachelor’s Degree in music from the University of Memphis and a Master’s Degree from Florida State University. He is the pianist for Avondale Baptist Church and a writer of fiction on Amazon eBooks.

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