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Marion Police make narcotics arrest

Pair facing felony charges after cops find drugs in vehicle

Pair facing felony charges after cops find drugs in vehicle


Pair facing felony charges after cops find drugs in vehicle


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It’s probably not a good idea to ask a policeman for help while carrying contraband, but that’s exactly what a Turrell man did and it did not go well for him.

Marion police reported a man claiming to be a former county deputy asking for a screwdriver to fix a funny sound in his car. The Marion patrol officer decided to help. The officer couldn’t identify any unusual sounds but did get a whiff of an unusual smell. The ensuing for-cause search yielded a big narcotics bust, with two men arrested in the parking lot of the Marion McDonald’s and Flash Market on Feb. 22.

Tristan Williams popped up the hood on a blue Hyundai Sonata and flagged down officer Bryan Morton to ask for help. Williams opened the door to give it a little gas to see if Morton could hear anything unusual.

“I immediately smelled the odor of raw marijuana coming from the car,” said Morton in his report. “While he sat in the drivers seat I noticed a bag with a green leafy substance sitting in the back seat.”

The police report indicated Williams then admitted to having smoked an illegal substance just a short time before in the car.

The passenger in the car, Kevin Donnerson, 26, of West Memphis, was out on probation with a search waiver. Donnerson wore a red fanny pack. Police found three packets of marijuana weighing 3.5 grams each in the fanny pack along with pills labelled hydrocodone and oxycodone. Donnerson had $2,450 in a front pants pocket.

A search of the vehicle also turned up three red gift bags another black bag bag of marijuana, and a scale with green leafy residue. In all police culled about five pounds of marijuana in the bust.

Williams, 27, and

See POLICE, page A3

Marion Police made a sizeable narcotics arrest at the McDonalds and Flash Market building on the city’s Interstate crossroads last week. Men from Turrell and West Memphis face four drug related felony charges for marijuana and pills after asking a patrol officer for a screw driver to fix their car.

Photo by Marion Police Department POLICE

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Donnerson were arrested. The pair face a slate of felony charges, including Possession of Schedule VI with Purpose to Delivery, Drug Paraphernalia with Purpose to Manufacture, Manufacture of Schedule I or II Not Meth or Cocaine, Offenses Related to Records.

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