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serve the nation by leaving those areas to their experts and worry about government]


Pretending to be a conservative party when in fact they are a radical rightwing fascist party of the lunatic fringe, led by a cult of personality. I was raised in a Republican family.

There is nothing conservative about Trump party policy. Conservatives balance budgets. The last GOP president to balance the budget was Eisenhower.

There is nothing 'small government' about antiabortion policy. There is nothing conservative about repudiating the checks and balances of the Constitution. Today's Trump party would happily burn the Constitution on the capital steps. They already doubled the deficit last year alone. The Trump party is not a conservative party. It is a fascist party.

So, do you think burning Roe v. Wade will stop abortion? Of course not. That is the reason for Roe v. Wade. Keep the government out of it. Has the 30-year 'war on drugs' stopped drugs or drug abuse. Of course not.

It is the reason our prisons are full. Let doctors and science handle the drug problem. Keep the government out of it. Leaders should invest in the country. Invest in the citizens, ensure they have health care, clean air and water, safe communities, great education and schools. Our Republicans are against these investments, which means they are against our country. [ Editor’s Note: There’s no doubt that political parties shift to the left or right over time, and you’re right, the Republican Party of today is not the party of Ronald Reagan or the party of Teddy Roosevelt. The same can be said of the Democratic Party, which is bears little resemblance to Andrew Jackson’s party or Woodrow Wilson’s. But you are even more correct when you point out that so many issues have become politicized that don’t need to be.

Health care and education aren’t political issues. And the politicians would best

*** It amazes me is how many continue voicing things that have been proven to be untrue. It seems that whatever they wish to be true remains true even if disproven. They do not want the truth spoken. In fact, that is precisely what Donald Trump wanted for which he was impeached.

Read the phone call in question. What he said is that we want to know the truth. Leftists have created a “cancel culture” to be sure the truth does not get spoken. A noted member of Congress has called on us to stop messages that are not true. She states to do that we must use “moral truth” instead of one based on facts. Truth and facts are the same thing. Let’s restore the First Amendment. I fear if we do not allow the freedoms guaranteed there, we will see more violence. I am concerned that our new president was vice president in the administration where this hatred and division started. I wish it had gotten better during the Trump administration, but it did not. At least it did not get worse. Some ask why so many Christians love Donald Trump. It is because he does not hate them, and before him, they endured eight years of a president who did. After eight years of hate-mongering, it was good to have a president who I doubt hates anyone. As vice president, Joe Biden was part of an administration that held that it is sometimes necessary to lie to the American people because they would not support policies if told the truth. That makes it hard to believe him now.

[ Editor’s Note: There’s a lot I could point out here, but I will simply say that if you think “ this hatred and division started” with Obama, you might want to pick up a history book]

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