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Sring is in the air


You might not have thought it if you were sitting where I was Tuesday evening — at a softball field in West Helena watching my daughter play her first-ever high school softball game (Go Lady Blue Devils!), but spring is right around the corner. In fact, even though I was sitting in my fold-out chair, a hoodie and a coat on, getting pelted by tiny sleet particles, we’re only a little more than two weeks away from the first official day of spring.

And of course, as I look at the weather forecast, it’ll be pushing 70 degrees tomorrow (or today, by the time you read this). That’s par for the course around here. There’s an old joke I saw again not too long ago floating around on Facebook where the local “seasons” were something like, April to October is Summer, Winter is November to February, Fall is the last week of September and Spring is the third Thursday in March. It’s something like that, and I’d also say you can also have a little winter in May or summer in December. You just never know around here.

But I’m ready for Spring for sure. We didn’t really get to have Spring last year because we were all sheltering in place and flattening the curve and such, but it looks like we might be getting to that “new normal” we were all talking about and that “when all this is over” time that seems like it’s never going to happen — cookouts and get-togethers and, dare I think it, vacations?

In the meantime, I’ll just keep bundling up and watching the Lady Blue Devils. By the way, they won both games!

21-1 and 5-4, so off to a good (if chilly) start!

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