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Remember the movie, City Slickers,


and Jack Palance, who played a crusty down-on-his-luck cowboy named Curly, who said: “Do you know what the secret to life is?” The slicker had no answer. Curly answered, “Just one thing.”

Well, that 'just one thing' line was crossed by a contributor to Text the Times the other day for me.

Because to me, freedom is that 'just one thing.' And when someone writes that everyone should be limited to having only two guns, how about if I

say: “No. Everybody should have one gun.” Now, stick with me here. There is ab-so-lute-ly no doubt that someone in the cancel culture crowd would read that and immediately send in this: “No.

Everybody should have no guns, just bullets.” In a day or so, another prompts: “No. Limit the number of bullets everyone has.” So, later that day the editor gets this suggestion: “One bullet only.” One might inquire, 'How would you fire the bullet?” A smart guy suggests: “Hold it on hand and hit the back of the shell with a hammer, for all I care.” But, do they real-ly care?

The answer is obviously, no. They don't care.

For you see, the goal is

to limit guns in order to make society safer. The goal is to pull you down to their level, to make you suffer if you are a victim of criminal activity or violence, to make you defenseless…and ultimately to control you or destroy you. This is where this downward spiral of class warfare, waged by the socialists and cancel crowd bunch is trying to take us all.

But, morality does not depend on class. If it did, few of us would survive the holocaust it would create. And that is not freedom.

[ Editor’s Note: There’s a documentary that recently premiered on HBO. It’s a six- part series and I’ve only seen the first two installments as I type this. It’s called “ Q: Into the Storm,” and it centers on the mysterious online entity known as QAnon. If you don’t know about QAnon, I can’t do it justice here, but I can say that every fear- mongering, storm- is- coming, revolution- is- here conspiracy you’ve heard about in the past five years can probably be traced to QAnon or some similar 4Chan or Reddit keyboard warrior… including the idea that someday soon the government is going to come knocking on your door demanding your guns. It’s simply not true. If the government does come knocking on your door looking for guns, there’s about a 100% chance you’ve done something that gives them a reason to think maybe you shouldn’t have guns. Until then, you’re safe. I will continue to champion the idea of gun control laws. Though, if you all really are just holding on to them for the forming of a well- regulated militia, you know, like the Constitution says, then by all means, gun up!]

*** So the governor lifts the mask mandate and only then does he make the vaccine available to everyone 16 and older? Doesn’t that seem a little bass-ackwards, as my Daddy used to say? [ Editor’s Note: Yeah, I’m with you on this one. You’d think maybe a week or two of “ everyone can get the vaccine” and then we lift the mask mandate, but I’m beginning to see that Arkansas appears to be getting more and more “ bass- ackwards” each and every day with the decisions that are being made]

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