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plus folks from Arkansas also sell stuff on Amazon, so I think you might just not be seeing the big picture on this one]


Last week I read in amazement an opinion piece titled “Buying from Amazon is buying local” from former Bono councilman and real estate agent Garrett Barnes. I thought for a minute I was reading from the Babylon Bee, a satirical website that pokes fun of the insanely ridiculous. Sorry, but if you think buying from Amazon is buying local, you’re poorly misguided. While I’m relatively sure many of you reading this are Amazon Prime members, the fact remains that Amazon has done more to destroy local business than any single entity across America. We thought Walmart was bad for business; Amazon is Walmart on steroids. Can certain businesses benefit from Amazon’s growth, sure. As Barnes noted, Hytrol and Roach Manufacturing have benefited. That is until Amazon decides to go into the conveyor business themselves, which probably isn’t a long shot prediction. Barnes said, “While Amazon does not sponsor a local Little League team, adopt a mile of highway, etc.” We are in agreement there, especially if you consider the 'etc.'

That etc. would be to support anything local, such as any local charities, local schools, local ball fields, local media, university scholarships, local humane society, local hospitals and so on and so forth. They are all take and no give.

We have sold our souls to Amazon just to pay a few dollars less for a product most likely made in China.

If you support Amazon, and obviously a lot of people do, support them with your eyes wide open. Don’t for a minute think they support local businesses.

They’re shutting them down at breakneck speeds.

The richest man in America doesn’t care about you, me or your charity. He only cares about taking, not giving. And to me, that is anything but local. [ Editor’s Note: While I see what you’re saying, and the fella from Bono’s message might have been a little tone deaf, if you buy something from Amazon, you are paying local sales tax on it, so it does, sort of, technically count as buying local…

*** Was just at Walmart and it has begun… about half the people not wearing masks or wearing them incorrectly. Hope you all are ready for another lockdown!

[ Editor’s Note: I will say that I agree it might have been a little too soon to lift the mask mandate ( or maybe a lot too soon… who really knows?) but I can’t imagine anyone can be even a little surprised that as soon as they were no longer being forced to wear a mask, certain people simply weren’t going to wear them. I mean, some folks never did start and they were just hoping someone would call them out on it]

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