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[ Editor’s Note: I know Godzilla isn’t real… I know this… but…


The Japanese government is going to release radioactive water used to cool the damaged Fukushima reactors into the ocean. The water will be 'cleaned' of the most dangerous radioactive materials. No, this is not the plot of the latest Godzilla movie, this is real life. The powerful filter system is of course safe, although so was the reactor. Things can go wrong, and a polluted, radioactive ocean would be another disaster. The other issue is that if the filter works perfectly where will the Japanese government store the highly reactive material for the next few million years? There are so many worries about this and the possible damage to our planet. A better solution must be found. Godzilla will not be happy.

this does remind me of a few months ago when a group of archeologists in Egypt discovered a previously unknown crypt containing several mummies and someone commented under the online news story about the discovery, “ Nope!

Put them back right now!

This is not the year for this!” I, for one, am ready to bow before our radioactive reptillian overlord.

Godzilla couldn’t do much worse than Congress, am I right? Ba- dum, tsh…]

*** Do people still care? Even a little? What ever happened to taking care of your yard and keeping your leaves raked or your grass cut. In my neighborhood there are three houses with broken windows and I know money is tight but you KNOW they just got there stimulus check! Hows about you get the cardboard out of your window and get some glass with that stimulus? [ Editor’s Note: There’s a sociology term known as the “ broken window theory” where once a single window in a single house goes unfixed, it signals the inevitable decline of that entire neighborhood.

It’s important to remember that at one time a neighborhood like, let’s say Harvard Yard, was once a burgeoning thriving community. It did not fall into disrepair overnight. It took years of gradual neglect and disregard until now it’s, sadly, a slum. Here’s an idea: See one of your neighbors in need of a mowing or a broken window repair. Do it for them! Sure it might cost a little time and money but it will ultimately benefit everyone on the street… didn’t you just get a stimulus check?]

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