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workplace] *** What would it take for you to never put anything about the Sultana in the paper ever again?


One of the major changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic was having to work from home. As the number of cases has dropped off significantly for at least a month, the Government is urging all workers to return to their offices. The problem is that only about 50% have actually returned after almost a month. While returning to office would give you a chance to talk with all of your colleagues whereas working from home would allow you to avoid talking to your colleagues and the coffee is much better. What many businesses and organizations have not realised is that the nature of the workplace has changed and working by video is often quite effective and most employees won't miss the regular meetings and especially the meetings to discuss the meeting schedule.

It's time to move on and stay at home. [ Editor’s Note: I’m not sure you’re 100% right that businesses haven’t realized the benefits of having their employees work from home. In fact, I think many of them have discovered it might work better than the traditional office model. Sure, you don’t have the ability to keep tabs on your employees and their work habits every minute of the work day, but you know what? In most cases, that’s fine. I mean, I’ve been working from home for about a year now and I’ve yet to miss a deadline. What I think you might actually have business owners realize is that what they were getting done with say 15 employees can actually be done ( and perhaps done better) with 10 employees. And that, I think, more than anything, will be the long- term effect of COVID- 19 on the modern

[ Editor’s Note: I absolutely do not get why a small but vocal number of people in this community see so little value in the Sultana Museum. You do get that 1) a lot of people are very interested in history, especially Civil War history, and 2) Just because you don’t see value in something doesn’t mean there’s

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