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Is critical race theory being ….


Is critical race theory being taught in your local school? GATHER YOUR FACTS!

Facts about what is being taught in the schools may simply be found in what your children bring home, but also look at the school district’s website for trainings, departments or programs on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Make public records request through the Freedom of Information Act on all trainings, programs, curricula or other documentation promoting the tenants of Critical Race Theory (CRT). Share what you find with other parents and post on social media.

Look for classes like Global Learners Initiative, Global Social Theory and Diversity Clubs. Then look for words like equity (not equality), racial justice, anti-racism, and social or political activism or action. These are words from the racist, divisive, unproven theory that asserts all Blacks are oppressed and all Whites are oppressors and goes by the name of “Critical Race Theory.”

[ Editor’s Note: I don’t like to expound loudly on subjects in which I am not well- versed, but I do happen to have a degree in social science education and I used to teach history, so I’m not just squawking off here. Critical Race Theory is not the new educational boogeyman. What the proponents of the teaching model hope to do is to highlight the undercurrent of race relations that runs through all of history, particularly U. S. history from the 1600s ( when the first African slaves arrived in the New World) to today. Being opposed to this idea is simply denying very clear truths about who we are and how we got here. Critical Race Theory does not seek to replace traditional teaching tenets.

It only goes hand- in- hand with other lessons to show that there’s a common thread throughout history that shows many issues that we are facing here in 2021 are a direct result of 400 years of previous events, many of which involve the subjugation of Blacks and other races by a white majority. Not only is there no way to deny this it true, to attempt to deny it only helps to contribute to the issues we are being confronted with now. I mean, what are you afraid will happen if these ideas are taught in school? Do you think it will go away?]

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