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Post-Fourth of July Fishing


W e had a very pleasant 4th of July weekend with mild temperatures and low humidity, but Mother Nature decided to bring back normal July weather in the 90s with sticky humidity. The fishing has been slow during this phase of the moon, but July 24, is the next full moon.

This next week leading into the full moon should produce a major uptick in fishing.

There are not many guarantees in hunting and fishing, but full moon fishing seems to hold true. This is especially true for bream that will be going into the last spawn of the season, but the beds are not as large and it will not last as long as the early spring and summer spawns.

Most fish have good and bad biting sprees. Sometimes they almost jump in the boat and at other times the fisherman can not get a bite, no matter how hard he tries or by any method.

Catfish seem to always enjoy feeding. Catfishing has been good all year and in almost all the local lakes and ponds.

One of the most effective ways to catch them is by trot line that is left out all night and is run several times during the night. It is fun to fish with friends enjoying a camp fire and running the line every few hours. This is a great way for the kids to enjoy being with the old folks.

The night can be a little intimidating for the young folks, but it does improve the bonding.

This last weekend has produced some wild weather and heavy rains.

In the Proctor area we got a 4.5 inch dose of rain and a bunch of new branches in the yard. Strangely enough, it does appear to have adversely affected the fishing. In fact, several people fishing Saturday and Sunday report that fishing has improved. The guess is the cooler water and lower temperatures made the fish a little more hungry.

July and August are truly “real” summer and every body is looking forward to light jackets and maybe the first fire in the fireplace. In about a month and a half we will be talking about the dove season that opens up on Sept. 4. Don’t wait till the last minute to start looking for a dove hunt.

Crappie are being caught at Horseshoe under the piers in deep water and the spider rig fishermen had some very good days, but poor fishing is more common. Big bream can still be found at Midway, but catching an ice box full is difficult. However, the catfishing remains outstanding.

Coon tail moss and duck weed has just about taken over Wapanocca and the fishing reports are not good. Occasionally a fisherman will find a hot spot but the next day it will be covered with moss. Bear Creek is clear but the lake remains low. Plenty of small bream and medium bass are being caught.

Remember the 10hp motor limit. Several of the small private lakes and ponds have been good, but the heat will continue to slow the fishing until cooler fall weather.

Take the family and enjoy our wonderful state.

There are many free places to enjoy. Take pictures and send them to Papa Duck.

Lakeside Taxidermy appreciates getting to mount your trophies at a reasonable price, fast service, and you will be glad to hang it on the wall, especially that kid’s first fish, squirrel, deer, or duck. It is a one of a kind.

Papa Duck Lakeside Taxidermy 901-482-3430 [email protected]

John Criner

12-year-old Carson LaFitte shows off the big bass he landed out at the Marion Recreational Complex lake.

Photos by John Criner

Tommy Gaspard landed a nice pair of bass using a top-water lure out on Horseshoe Lake last weekend.

James McPherson bagged this 4-pound smallmouth bass fishing the South Fork River. The trophy is being mounted by Lakeside Taxidermy.

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