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Central Arkansas Fishing Reports


Arkansas waters still fishing well this fall

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Craig D. Campbell Lake Conway Reservoir — Bates Field and Stream (501-470-1846) said the lake still is showing the normal Conway stain and is at a normal level. Bream are good on redworms, crickets and hand-tied jigs.

Crappie are ranging fair to good. Crappie minnows in either small- or mediumsized and also pink minnows are working well, along with jigs. The black bass continues to be good.

Spinnerbaits, plastic worms, topwater baits, buzzbaits, worms and creature baits were also getting good response. Catfishing is good. Stink bait is still the go-to, but also try nightcrawlers, goldfish, dough bait and trotline minnows.

Little Red River — Fish ’N Stuff (501-834-5733) in Sherwood reports that trout are biting fairly well on maribou jigs, Trout Magnets, spoons and Rooster Tails in 5 feet of water.

Lowell Myers of Sore Lip’em All Guide Service (501-230-0730) said the Little Red River received unexpected generation the past few days due to the Army Corps of Engineers requiring use of the Greers Ferry Dam to regulate the power grid. The generation is a welcome surprise for this time of year. However, we are not expecting this generation pattern to continue much longer. Until then enjoy the good water flow that’s providing good drift and wade fishing opportunities. For fly-fishing, we recommend midges, pheasant tails, hare’s ears, sowbugs and streamers. Cotton candy colored bodies on chartreuse jigheads are recommended for Trout Magnet spin-fishing Be safe while enjoying the river. Always check before heading to the Little Red River by calling the Corps of Engineers Little Rock District water data system (501-3625150) for Greers Ferry Dam water release information or check the Corps of Engineers website (swlwc. for real-time water release and the Southwestern Power Administration website ( to see forecasted generation schedule.

Greg Seaton of littleredflyfishingtrips. com (501-6909166) said the river remains clear and low with minimum generation in the afternoons. The last two days the schedule has been one unit for 2 hours beginning at 4 p.m. Rainbows are taking small flies in the 18-to-20-inch range with mayfly nymphs, emergers and midge pupa being good choices. Small tippet and good presentations are required in the low-water conditions. The river is the lowest it has been in some time, so use care when motoring. The rocks always win!

Greers Ferry Lake — Tommy Cauley of Fishfinder Guide Service (501-940-1318) said the water level at Greers Ferry Lake is at 459.62 feet msl

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and falling with generation. It is 2.92 feet below normal pool of 462.54 feet msl and, with the weather forecast, it looks like it will continue to fall. Fishing is on fire all over the lake as follows: Crappie are very abundantly eating lots during day and night at certain places under certain conditions on a variety of baits such as cranks, jigs, Road Runners and live bait from 12 to 30-40 feet. Black bass are on the surface down to 45 feet schooling, roaming and sitting on structure eating away; drag something like topwater baits and spoons at middepth, and moving baits are all working well. Catfish seem a little slow but are eating nonetheless with rod and reel; all types of lines have been baited with a gauntlet of baits. Bream are still active up real shallow out to 25 feet on crawlers, crickets, cranks, Road Runners and inline spinners. Walleye will eat crawlers, cranks and live bait from about 25-45 feet on certain type of structure all over the lake. Hybrid bass and white bass are chewing with or without wind right now at certain times throughout the day all over lake and rivers on spoons, inline spinners, basically any piece of metal you want to drop, and also a lot of topwater baits. Stay with the shad as usual for best results.

Fish ’N Stuff (501-8345733) in Sherwood says the water remains a little low and clear. Smallmouth bass are good on a wobble head dragging on the bottom and on Carolina rigs dragging the bottom. Early in the day or later in the evening, they’re biting Whopper Ploppers and other topwater baits. Crappie are good in 15 feet of water using blue/white or natural-colored crappie jigs. Walleye were caught drop-shotting nightcrawlers in 10-15 feet of water on main lake points and secondary points.

— Harris Brake Lake Resort (501-889-2745) says the water returned to being a little murky, while the level is normal. Bream reports dropped off somewhat with fair response on redworms and crickets. Crappie showed some improvement with anglers getting fair results. Try minnows or jigs. Black bass are fair with the action being best around the shoreline still.

Plastic worms are getting the best action.. Catfishing also was fair this week.

Chicken liver continues to work, while some are being caught on trotlines baited with shad, goldfish worms and small crappie.

Whiskers Sporting Goods (501-889-2011) reports that crappie are starting to pick up on Bobby Garland Jigs in popsicle, shiney hiney, glimmer blue, bbq chicken, cajun crickets, blue ice, shimmer, monkey milk, crystal, bone/chartreuse, gumdrop and pennyback shad, along with 1.25-inch Itty Bit Swim’r and minnows. Catfish are biting on minnows and worms.

Black bass are hitting buzzbaits and minnows, worms, lizards and Brush Hogs. White bass are biting on popsicle, slab slanger, baby shad and 1.25-inch Itty Bit Swim’r, and Cajun Spin and silver minnow.

Bream can be caught on crickets, worms and Rock Hopper.

— Randy DeHart at Lakeview Landing (501-354-5309) said the lake is clearing up and remains high, though down quite a bit from last week, about 4-6 inches above normal. Crappie continue to improve, with good catches reported this week. Use minnows or jigs (white, pink and chartreuse). No reports on black bass or bream. The catfish bite fell off with just fair results this week. Your best bet if fishing them with nightcrawlers. Randy reported that the AGFC recently stocked 1,200 channel cats into Overcup.

— Westrock Landing (501658-5598) on Highway 10 near Roland says the water temperature is in the low 70s. Largemouth bass are good. Some can be found in shallow water or just outside the grass line biting a variety of lures. Try using swimbaits, crankbaits and spinnerbaits. Kentucky bass are fair. Reports of some being found 15-20 feet off drops and rocky banks. Try using jigs.

White bass are slow.

Reports of some anglers catching them while trolling. Try using minnows, Rooster Tails, jerkbaits and rattle-style baits. Crappie are fair. There have been reports of crappie moving out of deeper water and being found in 12-18 feet in shallow brush. Some can still be found scattered, mixed in with the white bass. Try using jigs and minnows.

Bream are great. Bream can be found on windy points by drop-offs in 1216 feet of water. Crickets, worms and beetle spins will all work for the excellent bite. Catfishing is good. Try using chicken liver, nightcrawlers or baitfish.

Whiskers Sporting Goods (501-889-2011) reports that crappie are being caught on Bobby Garland Jigs such as popsicle and slab slanger, as well as minnows and 1.25-inch Itty Bit Swim’r.

White bass are biting slab slanger, baby shad, cajun spin and silver minnow in the jigs. Black bass are being caught on worms, lizards and Brush Hogs.

Bream can be caught using crickets, worms and Rock Hopper.

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