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Bark in the Dark


Last Thanksgiving night, two no-goodniks stole my old truck right out of my yard. It sucked, but life goes on and now I’m a little more vigilant about such things.

So, when I saw on Facebook that my down-the-street neighbors had someone take a crowbar to the door of their truck in an attempt to pry it open the other night, it turned my awareness up to 11.

My wife’s dog (I have two cats who are great for snuggling but trash for keeping an eye on things) loves to let us know if there’s anything (anything at all) going on outside, and I like to stay up late, so me and ol’ Rocky have been spending our nights hanging out and investigating every single bump in the night we hear (where his vigilance was last Thanksgiving, I do not know… maybe in a turkey-induced food coma).

And to their credit, three times now, Rocky’s doggie-senses have started tingling so we’ve gone to the front window only to find that the Marion Police Department’s own doggie-senses are tingling in our neighborhood and they have had a vehicle pulled over. No lights on, but just making sure whoever is prowling along our one-way street in the middle of the night is supposed to be there. I don’t know if they’re doing this in direct response to the crowbar incident (But seriously, a crowbar? Breaking in is one thing, but causing damage to the door, the paint, etc… just the worst, laziest sort of criminal), but I’m glad to know they’re out there.

In the meantime, Rocky is on patrol, sleeping with one eye open… which I have to admit is pretty creepy looking but at least I can sleep better at night.

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