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Growing Need for a Self-Checkout


Most people find selfcheckouts to be convenient, while others may choose not to use this service because they have to ring up their own items, bag them, and pay without a cashier.

When people hear “self-checkout” they automatically think of retail stores that offer this service. Self-checkout is understood to be a process that consumers use to make purchases to speed or prevent from having to wait in line, or allow customers to discreetly buy personal items without embarrassment. Self-checkouts are also thought to typically save the most wait times because customers are usually waiting to use multiple checkout stations instead of waiting to be assisted at one checkout station.

Using the self-checkout is both a positive and a negative. Self-check outs can be frustrating, especially if there is an error.

Some people like that self-checkouts help them avoid social interactions while others may find the self-checkout experience isolating, extra work for them, or taking away jobs.

What is your thought about self-checkout?

Self-checkout could reasonably be used in any capacity as an opportunity. That being said, think of this process in another way of changing the way you treat others that are not like you. Self-checkout can be used by people to alter their mindset to improve themselves by changing with time.

Everyone will experience an event in their personal or professional life that will provoke a change in their lives.

There is no change without change! How do you fit into this evolution? Are you mentally prepared to effectively communicate the pros and cons of challenging or uncomfortable issues? Self-checkout is not restricted to retail but also to managing

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‘A Political View’ By Sherry Holliman SHERRY HOLLIMAN (cont.)

your attitude about social, personal, professional, or political issues. Using the self-checkout method to make changes with yourself can be a very real and painful experience. Who looks forward to assessing themselves? Everyone is perfect to themselves. It is always the other person’s fault. However people that seek the need to have compassion and understand that everyone should not have to deal with their biases, or unprofessionalism will selfcheck their attitudes.

The reality of life is having a positive or negative attitude with people will make an impact in several ways.

Allowing yourself the choice to check yourself as needed will help you control and improve your decisions about how you treat others.

Do you think your behavior really matters? How you react with others could really determine your future. Have you ever asked your friends or family to share their feedback to you about the way they see you or how you treat others? How you see yourself and how others may judge you could be used as a resource to make necessary changes with yourself.

Self-checkouts are not easy to perform and like retail stores not checking yourself out will cost you.

Forcing yourself to evaluate your attitude from time to time will help you stay connected to yourself and not be part of societal problems but rather a problem solver for the voiceless.

Most people will find identifying their negative behavior uncomfortable but this can actually empower you. Once you realize how important self-checkouts can be you will gain better control of your life.

Performing a self-checkout will constantly remind you that your life is your life and that you control your decisions, your path and your life. There is no need to be afraid of using your ability to self-checkout to search for living and thinking better. Give yourself permission to make a change with yourself before you attempt to change others.

The next time you actually use a self-checkout think to

Sherry Holliman is a concerned citizen of Crittenden County and has some views on a variety of topics that she wants to share with her neighbors. She serves on the Marion City Council.

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