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It all starts with a dream…


Dreams precede everything; all actions and all creations. Truly, everything does start with a dream. Dreaming is not an idle activity. It’s not an escape from reality. Dreams are the foundation of all creativity.

The type of dreaming I’m talking about doesn’t just occur while you are sleeping.

The thoughts occupy your mind constantly, while you are awake as well as resting.

These types of dreams stick in your mind.

They become a mental obsession. When your mind is focused on a specific detailed dream, it will lead you toward a path that will transform your dream to reality.

Dreaming is healthy, allowing you to explore different scenarios and options.

Without dreams, you can’t venture beyond your perceived limits. For maximum effectiveness, a dream should be as detailed as possible. It shouldn’t be conceived in general terms such as, “if I were rich,” or “if I only had this,” or if I only had that.”

Without dreams, people would still be living in caves. Every element of society is the result of dreaming. Our country is the product of a dream. Dreams precede reality. There are no limits to what you can dream about. Health, relationships, success, finances, career, and lifestyle are all valid topics.

Your dreams shouldn’t be a passing thought or whim. They should embody specifics you have a burning desire for.

They should be something you are willing to work for and expend whatever effort is required. Dreams can and do come true, but not by themselves. You have to make them happen.

There are those who have a lotto mentality for their dreams. They are only willing to invest a dollar in the hopes of winning millions. Sure, there will be a winner, but the chance is one in millions that it will be

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you. When people have this lotto mentality, they are constantly disappointed. As a result they wind up jaded and give up on their dreams. They become resigned to their lot in life and disconnected from the infinite potential that resides within.

People who have given up will try to discourage others by using their own disappointments as evidence that dreams are a waste of time. Typically, being labeled a dreamer has a negative connotation. The implication is that a dreamer is not grounded in reality and is wasting their time chasing rainbows.

The dreamer will often be ridiculed and chided.

Without a solid understanding of the value of dreaming, the dreamer runs the risk of abandoning their dreams in the face of peer pressure. Should this happen, it would be a real waste. Without dreams, one is in jeopardy of squandering their future.

Dreams have no constraints. Dreams are the seeds from which you can create a robust life. Guard your dreams. Don’t allow others to influence you to relinquish your dreams.

You don’t have to share your dreams nor do you need the approval or acceptance of others.

Turning your dreams into reality requires action, determination, and perseverance.

our country never would have been founded. We would have no telephones, no electricity, no cars, no TV or radio, and no medical breakthroughs. In short, if people throughout history had not pursued their dreams we would still be in the dark ages.

Go ahead and dream.

Picture your life any way you would like it to be.

Don’t put any limitations on your vision. Keep your dream in the front of your mind and review it daily.

Bryan Golden the author of “ Dare to Live Without Limits,” the book. Visit www. BryanGolden. com or your bookstore for a copy.

Bryan Golden is a self- help guru, management consultant, motivational speaker, author, and adjunct professor. E- mail Bryan at [email protected] columnist. com or write him c/ o this paper.

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