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It’s a Thanksgiving to Remember


I wrote this poem when I was a young mother of three. I had volunteered to host our family’s traditional Thanksgiving Feast for the first time, and the poem tells the whole story. It has become somewhat of a tradition to share this time of year.

“A Thanksgiving to Remember” My mom always fixed the Thanksgiving feast The meal? A traditional winner…

I know she rose before the sun ‘cause she told us all through dinner.

As a young mother I decided one year That I should take over the job.

Mom was very impressed that I Would volunteer to host the mob.

For our family had grown to sixteen With cousins and uncles and aunts.

The meal involved some traditions A recipe that came in the pants Of an ancestor who crossed over On the Mayflower moons before The Young family sausage stuffing…

With ingredients more than four The sausage must come from a pig that’d eaten Only the best of slop.

The place to get that fabulous meat Was at Gristle’s Butcher shop.

The crumbs I must use in the stuffing, Made from Young family sour dough bread…

Mom gave me starter as a wedding gift By my first anniversary it was dead.

It was Thanksgiving morning when I really looked At her plasticized 3-by-5 card…

With its seventeen special ingredients This was gonna be hard.

I had none of the stuff to put into The 25 pound fowl in my face Gristles was closed for the holiday No bread crumbs, no fresh cloves, no mace.

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‘Club Organized’ By Pam Young PAM YOUNG (cont.)

I’d looked in the redcheckered cookbook For directions to roast the turkey If I didn’t get it in the oven soon I might have to serve beef jerky.

The clock was ticking To stuff was my goal So I shoved a Cornish game hen In that turkey’s hole.

As my secret roasted I turned my table Into a veritable treasure trove…

I couldn’t wait for Mom to see I’d cooked two tasty birds with one stove.

At the table that memorable

My husband proceeded to try To remove the little bird from the big one…

And I really can’t tell you why.

But the infant refused to budge from there All eyes were narrowed on me I gave my husband some scissors He performed an episiotomy.

Like a National Geographic special That little fowl came out.

A Thanksgiving to remember…

The next year I served trout!

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