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Southland's ' Casino' sign marks progress on expansion

[email protected] Southland Casino Racing expansion showed signs of progress last week with a new casino sign installed atop its 20-story hotel tower and casino floor construction project. Southland said its on track for the 113,000 square foot casino complex to open in late July or early August of next year with the hotel completion to follow.

The casino will count 2,300 slot machines and up to 60 live gaming tables. New restaurants, bars and a VIP lounge will mark the new amenities inside. Outside a covered parking garage will house more cars than ever for guests.

The high-rise hotel was set to elevate Southland guest experiences with 300 rooms, 60 suites and 12 executive level, presidential suites. West Memphis Mayor Marco McClendon was delighted to see the signs of progress.

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Photo courtesy of Southland Casino Racing CASINO (cont.)

“I'm excited,' said McClendon. 'Southland has always been generous to the community, always given back as it grows. It brings prosperity to the area by employing people in the community. The project is moving fast and set to prosper and grow.'

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