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McClendon at the Movies… ‘Finding Xmas Again’


West Memphis mayor showing his theatrical side with holiday film role

[email protected] Everyone loves a holiday movie with a heart.

From “It’s a Wonderful Life” to “Christmas in Connecticutt” to “Elf” there’s just something about a happy holiday ending.

It has been said the Hallmark Channel “has made 437 Christmas movies using 17 actors, five locations and three different plots.”

While not a part of the Hallmark Holiday Movie franchise, West Memphis Mayor Marco McClendon is adding to the heartwarming family Christmas movie genre with his role as a positive father figure in a movie about family healing during the holidays.

Writer and Director Dellguan Coleman tagged the mayor in a promotional photo and announcement about the soon to be released 'Finding Xmas Again'. Coleman described the plot in the short film.

'It's the holiday season and the family Dynamic has finally come together to prepare for Christmas again. Although uncle Tom has changed unfortunately, somethings he's left behind has finally caught up and found him,' said Coleman.

The moonlight movie acting mayor urged others to seize opportunities, like the one he grabbed to play the role opposite Jhonni Cia.

'This could be the start of something great,' said McClendon. 'Capitalize on your opportunities.'

The experience proved a bit daunting for the firsttime actor. 'There was a script to learn but they allowed me to ad lib and say things the way I would normally phrase them,' said McClendon. 'It was my first time in front of a movie camera and I was surrounded by experienced actors. It's all about a positive message.'

Coming soon! The movie is set for release online for Dec 20, and will be available for streaming on Amazon and Movie Go.

Photo courtesy of the City of West Memphis

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