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Domino’s just recently began delivering pizzas again because they didn’t have any drivers. I see Papa John’s is hiring drivers as well. I know people are having a hard time and it is frustrating when you can’t get the service you need but I’m glad to see people are getting back to work. Please remember these are people too with lives and families they have to support. Tip generously when you can because we are all in this together!

in college, my wife waited tables. In fact, there was a time when she was waiting tables, going to college full time and pregnant all at the same time, so I’m well aware of how vital tips are to service industry workers.

I’m 100% behind this idea.

Tip! In fact, if you’re doing well enough to do so, overtip. You never know what an extra $ 5 or $ 10 can mean to someone who is struggling to make ends meet. And it might actually just make you feel a little better knowing you did a nice thing!]

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