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585 BC – The _rst known prediction of a solar eclipse was made in Greece.

1085 – Alfonso VI took Toledo, Spain from the Moslems.

1787 – The Constitutional convention opened in Philadelphia with George Washington presiding. 1810 – Argentina declared independence from Napoleonic Spain.

1844 – The gasoline engine was patented by Stuart Perry.

1844 – The _rst telegraphed news dispatch, sent from Washington, DC, to Baltimore, MD, appeared in the Baltimore “Patriot.”

1895 – Oscar Wilde, a playwright, poet and novelist, was convicted of a morals charge and sentenced to prison in London.

1895 – James P. Lee _rst published “Gold in America – A Practical Manual.”

1911 – President of Mexico, Porfolio Diaz, resigned his of_ce.

1925 – John Scopes was indicted for teaching the Darwinian theory in school.

1927 – Ford Motor Company announced that the Model A would replace the Model T. 1927 – The “Movietone News” was shown for the _rst time at the Sam Harris Theatre in New York City.

1935 – Babe Ruth hit his _nal homerun, his 714th, and set a record that would stand for 39 years.

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