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Joe Biden’s Answer


As Joe Biden was pushed up to the microphones by his handlers to blabber-stammer about taking everyone's guns away from them again (as he recently declared, “the Second Amendment is not absolute”), due to the Uvalde incident, it might interest the reader to learn what HIS answer is to the violence in America's schools.

You don't have to ask around to find it. It is right there in his “Gun Free Zones” legislation, found on the site as the Senate Bill S.3266 – Crime Control Act of 1990 – for Joe Biden is the sponsoring author of it.

Here's some background, from the article,

“ How Joe Biden Turned Our Schools Into Shooting Galleries,” from the Western site: V. Saxena, February 21, 2018:

“ Sen. Biden introduced in Congress 28 years ago that made it illegal for weapons to be carried in schools.

“ Known as the Gun- Free School Zones Act and signed into law in November of 1990, the bill “ prohibits any person from knowingly possessing a firearm … at a place the individual knows, or has reasonable cause to believe, is a school zone,” according to the Giffords Law Center…

“… If you scroll back through history, you'll find that the reason this situation exists is because of Joe Biden's bill. Out of fairness, though, it should be noted that then- President George H. W. Bush signed it into law after it passed the Democrat- led House and Senate.

“ Still, it was Biden who conceived it.”

This, in spite of the following facts (also from the article): “ Research from the Crime Prevention Research Center shows that 98 percent of all public mass shootings that occurred between 1950 and July

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‘Wordaholic’ By Robert L. Hall ROBERT HALL (cont.)

In fact, the idea of 'gunfree zones' is so bad, that the ultra-leftist, out-of-control crazies that work at fact-checking down at Reuters, actually tried to run interference for Biden by trying to OUTRIGHT DENY that he authored the measure.

You gotta hear this crap, which is the number #1 article that pops up when you do a search on it on the Left-wing media buddy, Google search engine, on the subject.

Here is the denial of actual history from Reuters News Service:

“ Taking a shot at Democrats who criticize the National Rifle Association, a photo incorrectly states that President Joe Biden introduced the Gun- Free School Zones Act of 1990 and then links the legislation to mass shootings. The claim is missing context. Biden, a Democrat, did not introduce the original bill or a later amended version when he served in the U. S.

Senate in the 1990s. But the Gun- Free School Zones Act of 1990 was passed as part of a suite of legislation that Biden sponsored, known as the Crime Bill.

The related claim about mass shootings is beyond the scope of this fact check.”

Did you get all that?

Excuses… excuses… excuses. They never end with the Left.

Excuse #1- People are (as the left always screams) “pouncing and seizing” on the Gun-Free Act. You know, like it wasn't actually a part of the official record, which I already showed you on the previously- cited site.

Then, Excuse #2- Biden didn't write the whole thing. Well, his name is on it as the sponsoring Senator. Did someone lie about that down at the Congressional Record Office?

Excuse #3- The claim about mass-shootings as a result of this gutter-trash piece of legislation is, quote:

Translation: We don't want to talk about it because it makes Biden look bad!”

Bottom line: You know you are in trouble when even your pet poodle, Reuter's News Service, can't even cover up the facts for you!

Be that as it may, here is the effect of Biden's answer of 'gun-free' school zones.

Writing for The American Spectator, George Parry-a former federal and state prosecutor who practices law in Philadelphia, cites these incidents in his article.

From “ Mass Shootings in Gun- Free Zones:”

Here are a few specifics:

“ Consider this excerpt from the “ manifesto” issued by the shooter who murdered 22 people Saturday in an El Paso, Texas, Walmart store: “' Remember: it is not cowardly to pick low hanging fruit. AKA ( sic) Don't attack heavily guarded areas.'” “ In that regard, the Walmart store had no armed security guard, no police presence, and was located in a shopping mall that was a self- proclaimed “ gun- free zone.'”

“ And, in the Garlic Festival shootings in Gilroy, California… the victims were trapped inside a fenced area after going through metal detectors to make sure that they were disarmed. The shooter avoided the metal detectors by cutting through the fence and then attacking a victim pool that the Gilroy authorities had rendered incapable of defending themselves.”

The author's conclusion:

“ The elimination of gunfree zones may not prove to be the definitive answer, but the evidence indicates that it should be tried.

Otherwise we will attempt the same old failed solutions over and over again while expecting a different result. To continue doing that is the very definition of insanity.”

(*Update: At the time of writing, an incident occurred in Charleston, West Virginia that perfectly illustrates how the 'right' result can be reached in such incidents. Here is the summary from Eyewitness News, Fox Channel 11, as it will not be carried by the mainstream media, for it does not “fit the narrative” they want to present the public at large:)

“ Charleston police said a man who was shot late Wednesday night has died.

“ During the investigation, police said investigators

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was approached earlier in the night about him speeding in the Vista View Apartment complex while children were playing.

“ Butler then left the complex, but later returned, parked in front of the 1300 Renaissance Circle complex and pulled an AR 15-style rifle.

“ Police said Butler fired his weapon at people attending a birthday or graduation party.

“A bystander

at the party quickly drew their weapon and fired at Dennis Butler, fatally wounding him.

“ No one else was injured.

“ Several witnesses waited for police to arrive and fully cooperated with the investigation.

“ The investigation will be turned over to the Kanawha County Prosecutor's office for review, but at this time, no one has been charged.”

And that, my friends, is called a happy ending.

Robert L. Hall is a resident of Marion and has a Bachelor’s Degree in music from the University of Memphis and a Master’s Degree from Florida State University. He is the pianist for Avondale Baptist Church and a writer of fiction on Amazon eBooks.

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