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heard that the air conditioners at the Marion animal shelter are not cooling just blowing hot air. I hope someone is doing something to help these poor fur babies. I bet the air conditioners at the jail are working just ne! [Editor’s Note: Well, that took a turn. I get the concern about the animals at the shelter and agree that it’s important to take care of them, but where does the line about the jail come from? Are you suggesting that the human beings in the jail are more important than the animals at the shelter are … more important than the animals at the shelter? Less important than the animals at the shelter? That we should move all of the animals into the jail? I assume you’re trying to say that if the A/C was out at the jail, someone would be making more of an effort to get it _xed, and well, that’s probably right, but it’s also quite irrelevant. It’s like saying. Oh, that

So are people really going to pay to see disgraced former president Donald Trump and his “dream team” of enablers when he comes to Memphis this week? Surely by now everyone realizes how delusional he really is. Are they paying attention to the hearings that are going on right now at all or does it not matter to Trump’s minions what the truth is? [Editor’s Note: I think you probably answered your own question by the end there. Like him or hate him, Trump’s message has struck a chord with a certain percentage of the population and his line about being able to “shoot someone and he wouldn’t lose any voters” is probably true for them. It seems like the cracks are _nally showing, though, on his tightknit group of loyalists., and I think he’s starting to lose his stranglehold on the Republican party a bit. As for his “American Freedom Tour” stop in Southaven this Saturday, it would appear that yes, there are people planning to attend, although there are plenty of tickets still available, ranging from $9 to $4,995, so if you’d like to go, just spend whatever your heart leads you to contribute. Look, when a former U.S. President makes an appearance in your neck of the woods, it’s kind of a big deal, no matter your political persuasion. Of course, there are lots of folks who are hoping this is more like a “Farewell Tour’]

reminder that not everyone appreciates reworks, especially late at night. Remember veterans with PTSD, people that have to be at work early in the morning and even dogs and cats can suffer from the aggravation and stress of hearing recrackers going off at all hours. Be respectful and be kind with yours this 4th of July season, or better yet, just don’t do reworks at all! [Editor’s Note: I see something along these lines every year, and in all honesty, while I can see what the message here is, it’s really one of those things I can see both sides of. Fireworks are just one of those things that I think are so ingrained into what we think of as celebrating our independence that it seems wrong to exclude them from the party. It’s just for a couple of weeks out of the year, right? Of course, I might feel differently if I fell into one of the groups you mention above]

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